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Application of laser cleaning on various molds

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The mold is the shaper of the product shape and one of the key factors to ensure the inner quality of the finished product. However, the mold will inevitably generate dirt on the working surface during the long-term use of the mold, which will affect the appearance of the product and the accuracy of the outer edge size. In order to ensure the production quality of the product, it is necessary to maintain the mold regularly. Mold cleaning is a key process in mold maintenance, which directly affects the entire production process of mold work. Incomplete cleaning of residual substances will directly affect the quality of products. Laser cleaning can efficiently complete mold cleaning without damaging the mold substrate.

Laser cleaning mold is to use high-energy pulsed laser to irradiate the surface of the workpiece. The coating layer on the surface different from the substrate absorbs the focused laser energy, and evaporates or peels off instantly, thereby removing surface dirt. The laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning various molds, such as tire molds, rubber molds, shoe molds, etc.

laser surface cleaning machine features-Suntop

Advantages of laser cleaning mold

1. Multiple laser cleaning functions

It is used for rust removal, oil removal, oxidation layer removal, glue removal, paint removal, dirt removal, coating removal, dust residue removal, etc. The main objects of mold cleaning are mold scale (that is, solid residue attached to the surface of the mold cavity), rust, oxide layer, etc., and a laser cleaning machine can solve all cleaning problems.

2. Suitable for all kinds of mold surface cleaning

There are many materials of the mold (including aluminum mold, steel mold, iron mold, etc.), and the shapes are different, which increases the difficulty of cleaning the mold. Laser cleaning is convenient for non-contact laser cleaning treatment of special-shaped parts, holes, grooves and other corners that are difficult to reach by traditional cleaning methods.

3. No damage to the base material

Without damaging the surface of the substrate, it can effectively remove pollutants and make the surface look like new again. After the cleaning task is completed, the precision of the mold will not be affected.

4. Green and environmental protection

No cleaning fluid or other chemical solutions are required, and no cleaning waste is generated. Pollutant particles and gases generated during the laser cleaning process can be simply collected and purified by a portable exhaust fan to avoid environmental pollution. Also avoid improper cleaning operation, resulting in secondary pollution of the mold.

5. Low operating cost

The operation is very simple, and after simple training, it will be used soon. It has a long service life (usually up to 100,000 hours), can be used for a long time, and has stable quality and good reliability. In the later period, only the lens needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly, and the maintenance cost is low, almost maintenance-free.

Suntop laser has a professional team, rich experience, warm service and good reputation. Whether you need laser cleaning equipment, or laser equipment, you can contact us to learn more.

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