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  • What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing A Laser Cutting Machine?
    There are many core components of the laser cutting machine, the main component is the laser, so in the purchase of laser cutting machine need to focus on selecting the laser, try to choose a well-known brand, the laser once damaged replacement cost is high, do a good job in advance in order to foll   Read More>
  • Why Use Different Laser Marking Machines for Different Materials?
    Different types of laser marking machines have different wavelengths. No matter which type of laser marking machine, its application range is limited, so in practical application, do not use a single laser marking machine for laser marking products of different materials.The effect of laser marking   Read More>
  • How Does Laser Welding Compare To Traditional Welding Methods?
    Laser welding is an advanced welding technology with many significant differences compared to traditional welding methods. Below is a detailed section on laser welding compared to traditional welding methods:● Speed and Efficiency: Laser welding is much faster than conventional welding methods. Due   Read More>
  • Which Materials Can Be Used for Laser Cleaning?
    Laser cleaning machine using high-frequency high-energy laser pulse irradiation of the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the oil stains, rust spots or coatings instantaneous evaporation or stripping, the surface of the workpiece attached to the surface or the surface coating can be re   Read More>
  • What Is The Laser Cutting Process?
    A laser cutting machine is a process in which a laser beam emitted from a laser is focused into a high power density laser beam by an optical circuit system. The laser beam is directed to the surface of the workpiece, causing the workpiece to reach its melting or boiling point, while a high-pressure   Read More>
  • Is Laser Marking Permanent?
    Laser marking technology is one of the largest application areas of laser processing. Laser marking is a marking method that uses a high energy density laser to locally irradiate a workpiece, causing the surface material to vaporize or undergo a chemical reaction of color change, thus leaving a perm   Read More>
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