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What are the welding methods and advantages of laser welding?

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Laser welding is the use of high-energy laser pulses on the material in a tiny area of localized heating, laser radiation of energy through heat conduction to the internal diffusion of the material, the material will be melted to form a specific melt pool.

What are the welding methods and advantages of laser welding features-Suntop

Laser welding is mainly for thin-walled materials, precision parts welding, high depth-to-width ratio, small weld width, small heat-affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, weld flat, beautiful, no need to deal with the post-weld or only simple treatment, high weld quality, no air holes, can be accurately controlled, focusing the spot is small, high positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation.

So, what are the welding methods of laser welding? What are the advantages of each welding method?

1. Laser welding machine can realize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, welding, welding, laser composite welding, sealing welding, etc., of which laser welding, laser composite welding technology and equipment is mainly used for trains, automobiles with the plate of high-strength welding, also has a wide range of needs in other areas.

What are the welding methods and advantages of laser welding methods-Suntop

2. Steel plate laser welding, laser composite welding is a set of straight line, zigzag line welding function as one of the laser welding technology, to adapt to the plate of straight line, curve, zigzag line welding, to adapt to different materials, different thicknesses, different coatings, different shapes of the plate welding.

3. Laser welding can weld a wide range of materials, can also be interconnected with a variety of heterogeneous materials; welding of thin or fine diameter wire, unlike arc welding, not prone to melting back trouble; can be welded with different physical properties (such as different electrical resistance) of the two metals; can be switched to transmit the laser beam to a number of workstations.

4. Laser welding machine's laser beam is easy to focus, alignment and guided by optical instruments, can be placed at an appropriate distance from the workpiece, and can be around the workpiece of the machine or obstacles between the re-guided, other welding methods due to the above space limitations and can not be played; the laser beam can be focused on a very small area, can be welded on a small and similarly spaced parts.

5. Laser welding machine welding workpiece can be placed in a closed space (by vacuum or internal gas environment under control); not affected by magnetic fields (arc welding and electron beam welding is easy), can be accurately aligned with the weldment.

6. Laser welding machine can be realized to minimize the need for heat, heat-affected zone metallurgical changes in a small range, and due to heat conduction caused by the deformation is also the lowest; if the perforated welding, the weld channel depth and width ratio of up to 10:1; does not belong to the contact welding process, the wear and tear and the deformation of the equipment can be reduced to a minimum; easy to automate high-speed welding, but also can be digitally or computer-controlled.

What are the welding methods and advantages of laser welding samples-Suntop

Above is the laser welding machine welding method and advantage analysis, laser welding technology in the car manufacturing is widely used, while laser welding machine is widely used in the electronics industry, aerospace, medical equipment, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, hardware, construction, advertising and decoration industries.

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