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Reasons and solutions for laser cutting machine protective lens burnt out

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During the cutting process of the laser cutting machine, the intelligent operating system controls the equipment to run according to the instructions issued. The laser gathers the laser energy and outputs it to the laser cutting head. It melts or burns, and then supplemented with cutting gas to blow away the slag, and the cutting head moves on the surface of the workpiece to form a kerf and separate the workpiece.

The laser cutting head directly affects the processing performance and quality of the laser cutting machine. Due to the high cost of the laser cutting head, when using a laser cutting machine for processing, in order to protect the internal optical path and core components of the laser cutting head, especially the expensive collimation and focusing mirrors, etc. Parts, a protective lens will be installed on the laser cutting head to block cutting dust and spatter.

If the protective lens burns out frequently, it is necessary to pay attention to this situation to determine what causes the frequent burning of the protective lens, whether it is a quality problem of the protective lens or a problem of daily maintenance.

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Reasons and solutions for the frequent burning of the protective lens of the laser cutting machine

1. The blowing delay is too small, causing the laser to go out before the gas, and the blowing parameter in the global parameters is delayed, too small, or zero. It is recommended to modify the first point of air blowing, air exchange, and switch air delay. Increase the blowing delay, pay attention to adjust the focal length when cutting, and the thickness of the plate to be cut, the stability of the air pressure will have a certain impact on the lens.

2. There is no perforation process, it is recommended to adjust more than 1 mm to increase the perforation process. The number of perforations in the corresponding time should be well remembered, because the higher the output frequency is, the sputtering of the perforation will damage the lens, so the time should be set before the perforation. Generally, the continuous wave at 500hz will not exceed 150.

3. The internal pollution of the air pipeline leads to cutting pollution. It is recommended to clean the air pipe in time.

4. If there is a problem with the protective lens, it is recommended to use the original protective lens.

5. The internal protective mirror is polluted. Remember to remove dust when you finish work every day. Dust prevention must be meticulous, and be careful when cleaning, because the lenses are afraid of falling and touching, so even when replacing new lenses, you must first remove dust.

In addition, the cleanliness of the protective lens is also a key factor that determines the long-term use of the protective lens. Whether the protective lens is clean or not directly affects the processing performance and quality of the output of the laser cutting machine. If the lens is dirty, it will not only affect the cutting effect and efficiency, but also further The internal parts of the cutting head and the output head of the laser are burned, so it is first necessary to use a protective lens with good material, high light transmittance, and small thermal expansion coefficient. When the lens is dirty during processing, it needs to be cleaned or replaced. While checking the lens, don't forget to check whether the air compressor dryer is running normally every day.

The above content is the reason for the frequent burning of the protective mirror and the operation guidance and suggestions. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about the laser cutting machine, please contact Suntop laser. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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