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Application of laser cleaning in the shipbuilding industry

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Cleaning work is a very important processing and forming technology in the shipbuilding industry. There are a lot of cleaning work before and after welding and before painting. The quality of the cleaning work also determines the quality of welding and painting to a certain extent. A laser cleaning machine can solve these problems. Laser cleaning can not only degrease and deoxidize the surface of the workpiece before welding, but also clean the weld seam after welding; the laser cleaning machine can also roughen the surface of the workpiece. degree of treatment for subsequent painting.

Traditional cleaning techniques mainly include manual grinding, sand blasting, high-pressure water washing, chemical cleaning, etc., which are widely used in ship coating, welding and other processes. However, the traditional cleaning technology is labor-intensive, causes serious pollution, and causes serious occupational disease hazards, and is very unfriendly to construction workers. Laser cleaning technology has many advantages such as no damage to the substrate, micron-level precise control, energy saving and environmental protection, so it has become a research hotspot in shipbuilding.

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Compared with traditional cleaning technologies, the advantages of ship laser cleaning mainly include

1. Laser cleaning will not be in direct contact with the workpiece to be cleaned, will not generate mechanical pressure, and will not cause damage to the workpiece.

2. The directionality of the laser beam is flexible and controllable, and the spot size and size are adjustable, which can be adapted to the fine cleaning of flat or copied curved surface workpieces.

3. The cleaning process is highly controllable, meeting the cleaning needs of various types of pollutants.

4. The laser can be transmitted through the beam, with high operational flexibility and easy remote control.

5. Laser cleaning has a certain surface modification effect, which can effectively prevent secondary oxidation and improve surface mechanical properties.

6. The laser cleaning process has low noise and no dust, chemical agents and other pollution.

There are many kinds of marine materials. As an emerging technology, laser cleaning has many advantages such as no damage to the substrate, precise control, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. It can fully meet the rust removal of all steel profiles and the pretreatment requirements before and after welding. In terms of ship maintenance, laser cleaning, as a "high-precision" cleaning technology, is suitable for the peeling of rust and paint on the surfaces of cabins, ballast tanks, fuel tanks, etc., as well as the cleaning of carbon deposits such as cylinder valve parts of marine

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