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Laser Cleaning of Molds: Does It Damage The Molds?

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As an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning technology, laser cleaning is widely used in various industries. In the field of mold cleaning, laser cleaning also attracts much attention. However, a common concern is: will laser cleaning of molds make the molds damaged? Next, we will explore this question.

Laser cleaning of molds does it damage the molds sample-Suntop

The principle of laser cleaning

Laser cleaning uses high-energy laser beams to instantly irradiate the surface to be cleaned, so that the dirt is rapidly vaporized off, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning is more efficient, no chemical solvents, environmentally friendly.

laser cleaning high power 1500w features-Suntop

Advantages of laser mold cleaning

1. High efficiency and speed

Laser cleaning using the characteristics of high energy laser beam, can quickly remove the mold surface dirt and residues, greatly improving the cleaning efficiency.

2. Non-destructive cleaning

Laser cleaning process will not contact the mold surface, to avoid the traditional cleaning methods may bring damage, to ensure the integrity of the mold surface.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving

Laser cleaning without the use of chemical cleaning agents, will not produce waste water waste liquid, in line with environmental requirements, while saving energy.

4. Highly accurate

Laser cleaning can accurately control the cleaning range and intensity, can be fine cleaning of the mold surface, to ensure that the cleaning effect.

5. Versatility

Laser cleaning can be applied to a variety of materials, mold surface cleaning, applicable to a wide range of high applicability.

6. Enhance production efficiency

Laser cleaning fast, efficient features, can reduce the mold cleaning time, improve productivity and reduce production costs.

Laser cleaning of molds can completely remove the dirt on the surface of the mold, including oil stains, oxidation layer, etc., to maintain the surface finish of the mold. Moreover, there is no chemical reaction during the laser cleaning process, leaving no residual material.

Laser cleaning of molds does it damage the molds samples

Possibility of damage to the mold

Although laser cleaning of molds has many advantages, there are some risks in case of improper operation. For example, the laser power is too high, the cleaning distance is too close and other factors may lead to mold damage. Therefore, when laser cleaning molds, be sure to choose professional operators and strictly control the cleaning parameters.

Laser cleaning of molds does it damage the molds sample

Scope of application

Laser cleaning of molds is applicable to all kinds of material molds, such as tire molds, injection molds, die-casting molds, rubber molds, precision molds and so on. And laser cleaning can also be based on different cleaning requirements for parameter adjustment, strong flexibility.

Laser cleaning of molds does it damage the molds samples-Suntop

In summary, laser cleaning of molds is an efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning method, the correct use will not cause damage to the mold. But still need to be careful in the operation, to avoid accidents in the laser cleaning process. Choosing a professional laser cleaning service provider can better protect the mold and extend its service life.

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