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Application of laser cutting machine in automobile manufacturing

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Intelligence, high-end, diversification, and energy saving are new trends in the automotive industry over the years. Automobile manufacturing is a complex and precise project that requires a series of technologies to complete, and laser cutting technology has become an important technology to promote the upgrading of automobile manufacturing.

In developed industrial countries such as Europe and the United States, 50% to 70% of auto parts are processed by laser. Laser applications in the auto industry are mainly laser welding and laser cutting. Laser cutting includes plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting.

Flat laser cutting

Cars that need to use plane laser cutting technology mainly include: auto parts, car body, roof cover, car door, trunk, etc. Among them, the laser cutting technology requirements of auto parts are particularly precise, mspecially important parts such as engines, because it is related to the stability and power performance of the car. The precision laser cutting method can effectively improve the precision of engine parts and bring a revolutionary breakthrough to the development of the autgmobile manufacturing industry.

3D laser cutting

The three-dimensional laser cutting machine is a laser processing equipment that is not restricted by the cutting direction and can cut freely. It can perform multi-angle and all-round cutting processing on metal materials of different thicknesses. The application of three-dimensional laser cutting technology in automobile manufacturing is mainly for cutting holes, trimming, and cutting steering wheel holes for body and body panels.

Laser cutting machine is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive advanced thermal cutting equipment. It integrates computer numerical control technology, high-precision mechanical transmission and advanced laser applications. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, non-contact and pollution-free. Today, with the trend of lightweight automobiles, the prospect is bound to become wider and wider.

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