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Advantages of CO2 laser cutting in cell phone film industry

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Along with the arrival of the mobile network era, the popularization and explosive growth of smart phones have made consumers demand higher and higher quality of cell phones, and the processing technology of related accessories has become more and more delicate. Since film is a commonly used material for cell phones, its cutting precision puts forward new requirements for the processing technology.

Requirements for precision cutting in the cell phone industry:

The precise technical requirements for cutting cell phone films have led manufacturers to adopt laser cutting technology. At present, CO2 laser cutting technology is the most cost-effective laser cutting technology on the market. The use of advanced CO2 laser, excellent optical modulus and optical path design, the formation of a more perfect spot, reducing the heat-affected zone, can cut out high-quality cell phone film products.

With the continuous development of Suntop Laser technology, its advanced CO2 laser technology, fast speed, high precision, safe and reliable, good cutting quality, high quality, stable performance; compared with the industry, there are a variety of unique technical advantages. With ± 0.005mm repeat positioning accuracy, ± 0.05mm comprehensive processing accuracy, the use of advanced imported CNC system, to ensure high-quality process production, to meet the requirements of precision processing of various types of cell phone film, is an expert in the field of laser precision processing.

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine features-Suntop

Core advantages of CO2 laser cutting machine:

1. adopting high intelligent control system, automatic control, high positioning accuracy, smooth molding edge, no burr, no need for secondary processing.

2. Non-contact processing, no damage to the material itself, ensuring the highest cutting quality of the material and enhancing the competitiveness of the manufacturer.

3. one-piece frame structure design, durable, stable long-term operation, suitable for large quantities, multiple varieties, high-speed, high-precision continuous production of industrial processing site.

4. The machine complies with European CE safety standards, equipped with sensor door, automatic stop when the laser is turned on accidentally.

5. Adopt professional laser cutting software, perfectly support dxf, plt and other format files import, easy data processing, interface operation humanization.

In addition to being used in the cell phone film industry, Suntop Laser's CO2 laser technology can also be used for PC film, PET film, PP film in the communication, computing, netcom, cloud server and other industries. It can be used for non-metallic materials such as plastic, acrylic, jade, crystal, rubber, leather, organic glass and so on.

CO2 laser engraver samples-Suntop

Suntop Laser can provide technical customization and technical solutions according to customer's requirements in order to meet the needs of customers for various precision processing.

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