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3d Photo Crystal Laser Engraving Machine

Suntop 3D crystal engraving machine adopts imported air-cooled laser system, with stable imaging and easy maintenance. The core components are made of imported materials for better quality and longer service life. It is especially suitable for 3D laser internal engraving of artificial crystal, glass, acrylic and other transparent hard materials, widely used in 3D and 2D crystal photo engraving, personalized crystal internal engraving gift customization and other business fields.
Laser power: 3W
Max. engraving range: 300*400*130mm/150*200*80mm

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3d photo crystal laser engraving machine features-Suntop

Features of 3d photo crystal laser engraving machine

1. Using high-power semiconductor pump lasers, it can achieve crystal engraving and material surface marking, and use pulse laser energy constant technology to greatly improve the quality of laser engraving.

2. Using laser self-collimation technology and closed-loop monitoring system, 24-hour continuous operation, image engraving "zero width" splicing technology, humanized system control and monitoring operation design, one-button completion of engraving work, to avoid human error .

3. The engraving area can reach 300mm X 400mm X 130mm, which can meet the needs of personalized engraving customization, and has a high engraving and marking speed.

4. It adopts automatic positioning system, maintenance-free optical path system, high-precision motion control system, modular equipment, and easy maintenance.

5. Provide customers with a complete training system, from laser knowledge to product knowledge, including basic troubleshooting skills, so that customers can get started in a short time.

Details of 3d photo crystal laser engraving machine

1. 3D camera

Equipped with self-developed software and 3D camera, it can design exquisite and precise human portraits.

2. High quality slide rail

Reduce friction, long service life and reduce use cost.

3. X, Y, Z axis motor

Powerful X, Y, Z sensors protect high precision movement and engraving.

4. Water cooling system

There is an exhaust fan at the back to help with cooling. There is a water cooling system inside the machine.

Advantages of 3d photo crystal laser engraving machine

1. Good engraving quality, high resolution, exquisite carving patterns, crystal clear, strong three-dimensional effect.

2. The engraving speed is fast, it only takes 1-2 minutes to engrave a crystal with a size of 50*50*80mm, which effectively improves the work efficiency.

3. Imported air-cooled laser system is used, with stable performance and convenient maintenance.

4. The non-contact engraving process ensures that the surface of the crystal keeps its original shape and quality.

5. Using new technology semiconductor laser, the service life can reach 8-10 years, no need to replace the xenon lamp.

6. Multiple crystals can be engraved at the same time, which is conducive to mass production. Large size crystal or glass plate engraving machines can be customized.

3d photo crystal laser engraving machine application

Application materials

Suitable for crystal cube, transparent glass/arcylic and plastic,etc.

Application industry

Widely used in shopping malls or tourist places to open stores, even online stores, used for 2D, 3D crystal photo engraving, art photo engraving, personalized crystal gift engraving, high-precision crystal product batch processing, glass decoration, glass marking, high-grade glass anti-counterfeiting and other fields.

Parameters of 3d photo crystal laser engraving machine






Laser frequency





Max. engraving speed

280000 dots/min

240000 dots/min

180000 dots/min

Max. engraving range



Laser pumping

Semiconductor diode

Laser wavelength


Max. pulse energy


Laser power




Pulse width


Beam quality


Laser head quantity




Focal length


Focus point diameter


Cooling mode

Air cooling

Application materials

Crystal, transparent glass, acrylic and plastics etc.

Input power

AC220V±10% 50-60HZ

3d photo crystal laser engraving machine samples-Suntop


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