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Welding process of laser welding machine on copper material

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Lasers have also proven their advantages in the extremely difficult problem of welding dissimilar metals. Many electronic applications require joining copper to stainless steel, as well as copper to aluminum. Different metals absorb light radiation in different ways and melt at different temperatures. High absorption at blue wavelengths allows flexibility in adjustment of welding parameters. The heating surface of the traditional welding method is relatively large, and the welding part is easily deformed due to the action of heat, and the welding surface is not smooth enough. Laser welding machine welding copper is very common and practical in our mechanical production, it can meet customer requirements for processing copper products.

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Copper is a metallic element and a transition element with the chemical symbol Cu and atomic number 29. Pure copper is a soft metal, its surface is reddish orange with metallic luster when it is just cut, and its single substance is purplish red. Good ductility, high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, so it is a more commonly used material in cables, electrical and electronic components, and can also be used as a building material, and can form many kinds of alloys. Copper alloys have excellent mechanical properties and low resistivity, among which bronze and brass are more important. In addition, copper is also a durable metal that can be recycled many times without loss of its mechanical properties. Let's talk about the application advantages of laser welding machine welding copper.

Advantages of laser welding technology in welding copper

1. The beam quality is good, which can realize lap welding and butt welding of highly reflective materials, especially copper, gold, silver and alloys.

2. Stable performance, stable welding for a long time.

3. The laser absorption rate is extremely high, which is suitable for welding high-reflective materials such as copper, gold, and silver.

4. Accurately control the energy output, which can realize spot welding and continuous welding.

5. It can realize lap joint and butt welding of copper and copper alloy with a thickness of 0.5-3mm, and has strong penetration ability.

6. The welding speed is fast, which is 5-10 times faster than traditional TIG welding, which improves the welding capacity and reduces the processing cost by about 30%.

Hand-held laser welding machine is a new welding method. When laser welding copper materials, the high thermal conductivity of copper materials makes high-energy laser heat diffuse rapidly from the welding head, making it difficult for materials to maintain thermal balance for reliable welding. Small weld seam width, small heat-affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth and beautiful weld seam, no post-weld treatment or only simple treatment, high-quality weld seam, no porosity, accurate control, small focus spot, High positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation.

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