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Chiller Filter

Special filter elements for laser chillers can effectively improve the cooling effect of laser equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure the stable operation of the laser equipment.

Laser chillers usually use special filter elements to filter the water source to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system of the laser equipment and provide stable water quality. The main function of the special filter element is to remove impurities, particles and bubbles from the water to prevent them from entering the laser cooling system and affecting its performance and life.

Working principle:

The water flow sensor is a sensor that uses the Hall effect of the Hall element to measure magnetic physical quantities. The water flow sensor is mainly composed of the sensor body, the water flow rotor assembly, the steady flow assembly and the Hall sensor. It is installed at the water inlet end of the chiller to detect the size and on-off of the inlet water flow.

A load resistor is connected in series to the positive pole of the Hall element, and a DC voltage of 5V is applied at the same time to make the current direction orthogonal to the direction of the magnetic field. When water passes through the turbine switch housing to push the magnetic rotor to rotate, it generates rotating magnetic fields with different magnetic poles, cuts the magnetic induction lines, and generates high and low pulse levels. Since the frequency of the output pulse signal of the Hall element is proportional to the rotation speed of the magnetic rotor, the rotation speed of the rotor is proportional to the water flow rate, and it starts according to the water flow rate.

Main application areas:

Mainly used in laser chiller systems, water heaters, wall-mounted boilers, water dispensers, coffee machines, hot water card machines, steam equipment, campus card water vending systems, self-service water vending systems, water treatment equipment, cooling systems, mechanical equipment, instrumentation , pharmaceutical equipment.


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