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Fiber Laser Generator

Fiber laser generator adopts reliable fiber optic transmission technology with long fiber life and good stability, which reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement.

Working principle of fiber laser

Fiber laser (Fiber Laser) refers to the use of rare-earth-doped glass fiber as a gain medium laser, fiber laser can be developed on the basis of the fiber amplifier: under the action of the pump light in the fiber is very easy to form a high power density, resulting in laser work material laser energy level "particle number reversal", when appropriate When a positive feedback loop (constituting a resonant cavity) is added, a laser oscillation output can be formed.

Fiber laser generator has the following advantages:

1. Laminated glass fiber optic line low manufacturing costs, technical perfection, and its fiber optic line can be flexible produced by the miniaturization, the advantages of scale.

2. Laminated glass fiber optic line on the emission of hydraulic piston pump light does not have to be as crystalline as the provisions of the stringent phase difference pairing, it is because the laminated glass cultivated matrix Stark disintegration caused by the non-uniform broadening of the digestive absorption band is wider for the reason.

3. Fiber optic line raw material has a very low volume to total area ratio, fast heat removal, low loss, low laser threshold.

4. Output of optical wave length, which is due to the richness of the electronic energy level of the HITO positive ions and the many types of HITO positive ions.

5. Good auto-tunability, attributed to the wide electronic energy levels of HITO positive ions and the wider Perspex spectrum of laminated glass fiber lines.

6. Because there is no optical glass in the resonator of the fiber laser generator, it has the advantages of no adjustment, no maintenance and high reliability, which is incomparable with the traditional laser generator.

7. The fiber optic line leads out, prompts the laser generator to be able to casually serve as a variety of multi-dimensional random indoor space production and processing applications, so that the design of the mechanical structure is more and more simple.

8. It can be used in extreme office environments, with high tolerance for dust, shock, impact, ambient humidity and temperature.

9. Do not use electric cooling and water cooling, only must be air-cooled.

10. High photoelectric efficiency. Its comprehensive photoelectric high efficiency of more than 20%, can greatly save the power consumption in the work, save operating costs.

Scope of application

The main use of fiber laser generator is very common, including laser fiber communication system, laser indoor space long-distance communication, industrial production of ship making, laser marking, laser marking, fiber laser cutting, packaging and printing rolls, metal materials non-metallic material punching/laser cutting/welding welding/(tin soldering, quenching, insulating layer and deep welding welding), national defense and security, medical machinery and experimental instrumentation, large and medium-sized infrastructure, etc.


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