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Fiber Laser Generator for Laser Marking (RAYCUS)

Raycus fiber laser has the characteristics of high peak power, high single pulse energy, and optional spot diameter. It can be widely used in non-metallic, high-reflective materials such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and non-high-reflective materials such as stainless steel. In the fields of marking, precision processing, graphic engraving and other fields, its marking application technology is cheaper and more stable in performance than traditional lasers.

Characteristics of fiber lasers

● High stability laser output

● High single pulse energy

● High marking efficiency

● Short pulse setup time

● High reliability

● Maintenance-free operation

Advantages of Fiber Lasers

1. High power and high efficiency

Raycus pulsed fiber laser uses unique fiber technology, which makes its power and efficiency higher than other lasers under continuous operation. This means that high-quality processing can be completed more quickly and accurately to meet the needs of the rapid development of industrial production.

2. High quality

Raycus pulsed fiber lasers also have excellent beam quality, which is particularly important in fields such as micromachining and medical care. High-quality laser beams can perform fine dissection, cutting and growth more accurately, and have broader application prospects.

3. Long life

Raycus pulsed fiber lasers have a long service life, up to more than 100,000 hours, and have better reliability and stability, making them a key machine in industrial applications.

Applications of fiber lasers

● Marking

● Sculpture

● Micromachining

● Precision drilling

● Cutting


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