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Application of Laser Cleaning in Molds

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Now the production of mold precision requirements are also more and more high, some are concave and convex a set of composition, especially some of the products with convex, engraved, the mold should also be very delicate, which requires CNC machine tools milling, drilling, grinding, etc. to complete, but instead of laser cutting can not be used. The precision of the mold if the error, the back will lead directly to the molding of semi-finished products into scrap, not only a waste of materials, but also bring great losses to the enterprise.

In actual use, the mold also exists some and need to solve the problem, which is the most important mold residue cleaning problem, so far there is no good solution. Some metal molds for high-temperature hot melt material molding, as well as some metal die-casting molding, in the completion of the product and take out, the mold will often have raw material residue, which will directly affect the continuous production of the next product, and even need to stop to manually clean up the mold, resulting in lost time and lost work.

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There is also the rust cleaning of the mold. Most industrial molds are made of metal steel, and many molds are often rusty when they are temporarily set aside or in a standby stage after use. Since the molds must be cleaned before they can be used on the machine, the traditional cleaning will take a lot of labor and bring greater cleaning trouble to the manufacturers.

Laser cleaning is a non-contact cleaning method, coupled with the metal itself on the light will also have a certain reflectivity, so it is not damage to the mold itself, and in the cleaning process, will not produce a lot of dust and noise, greatly reducing the harm to the body.

Laser cleaning can solve the problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning methods. Laser cleaning has the cleaning characteristics of non-abrasive, non-contact, non-thermal effect and applicable to objects made of various materials, which is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution.

Application of laser cleaning in molds samples-Suntop

Laser cleaning advantages:

1. non-contact cleaning: laser cleaning technology and the material surface without contact, applicability of a wide range of components can be used to clean a variety of shapes to solve the mechanical cleaning is difficult to cope with the problem of complex surface processing.

2. does not hurt the substrate: laser cleaning technology on the surface of the pollutants after cleaning, no damage to the substrate or product, can solve the mechanical polishing easy to cause damage to the surface of the workpiece.

3. High efficiency and environmental protection: laser cleaning technology is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, compared to chemical cleaning damage to the substrate, the size of the component is limited, long time inefficiency, chemical reagents on the human body and the environment harmful to the problem, it can be effectively solved.

At present, laser cleaning has been able to plane, curved surfaces, holes, crevices to achieve effective cleaning, the use of common hand-held laser cleaner to deal with general metal mold rust is more than enough, and the cleaning time may be only one-tenth of the traditional cleaning. Another is to deal with the mold on the raw material residue, especially in the production line of the mold, the use of manual to digging efficiency is relatively low, if the replacement of the laser cleaning, much higher efficiency. If the laser cleaning can be synchronized to the mold production line, monitoring and automated cleaning of raw material residues on the mold, can be a good solution to the problem of long downtime delays in production.

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