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Wire Feed Laser Welding

Wire feeding is a very important operation link in the welding process. Suntop automatic wire feeding machine is an automatic driven mechanized wire feeding device, which is controlled by a microcomputer and driven by a stepping deceleration motor. It has high wire feeding accuracy and good repeatability.

Wire feed laser welding features-Suntop

Features of wire feed laser welding

● The wire feeder with touch capacitive screen has high wire feeding accuracy.

● 220V drive, automatic wire feeding, more powerful wire feeding, smooth wire feeding without wire jamming.

● Multi-functional control panel, various parameters and processes can be adjusted.

● The diameter range of the welding wire of the wire feeder: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm.

● Automatic wire feeding device, good repeatability and high work efficiency.

Advantages of wire feed laser welding

1. Stable welding quality

The wire feeder sends the welding material to the welding mechanism in turn through the wire feeding hose, so that the welding torch can find the welding seam at the correct position and realize automatic filling. Through intelligent filling, the weld seam is beautiful and the quality is up to standard. The operator can adjust the wire feeding speed and direction of the wire feeding mechanism according to the welding quality and welding process. Choosing a reasonable wire feeding direction is also an important step to stabilize the welding quality.

2. Improve work efficiency

The wire feeder can realize automatic welding according to the welding instruction. After the intelligent control system issues instructions, the automatic wire feeder feeds the welding wire into the wire feeding mechanism. The automatic placement of welding materials can reduce the system reaction time, and the automatic wire feeder realizes quick response and improves work efficiency.

3. Reasonable wire feeding method to achieve cost control

There are many wire feeding methods for automatic welding equipment. In order to achieve a stable wire feeding process, users need to choose according to the workpiece material, welding parameters, and welding wire type.

Parameters of wire feed laser welding

Suntop wire feeder specifications

Wire feeding type


Wire feed delivery length

3m/5m optional (9.8ft/16.4ft)


Low voltage enable signal line

Wire feeding speed range

40-600 cm/min (15- 230 ipm)

Compatible wire diameter

0.8 mm (0.031 inch), 1.0 mm (0.039 inch), 1.2 mm (0.047 inch), 1.6 mm (0.063 inch), 1.8 mm (0.071 inch), 2.0 mm (0.079 inch)

Wire reel capacity

1 kg (2 lbs), 5 kg (10 lbs) or 10 kg (25 lbs) by shaft change

Compatible wire materials

Steel, stainless steel, aluminum

Power requirement

220V 50/60Hz

Wire feed unit weight

22 kg (48.4 lb)

Wire feeder unit dimensions (L*W*H)

560mm (22.0 inches) x 250mm (9.8 inches) x 360mm (14.2 inches)


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