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Laser Cutting Machine Spare Parts

Many accessories of the laser cutting machine will wear out in long-term use, especially those commonly used accessories. There are many common accessories for laser cutting machines, which should be replaced in a timely manner according to the service life or damage. In order to ensure normal production, many common accessories are usually prepared to ensure that production is not interrupted in case of emergency.

Laser cutting machine spare parts features-Suntop

Common accessories of laser cutting machine

1. Beam expander

A beam expander is a lens assembly that can change the diameter and divergence angle of the laser beam.

It can expand the laser beam to make the laser energy evenly distributed, thus improving the cutting efficiency. With special design, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high reflection and wear resistance, which can effectively suppress the beam attenuation and make the cutting effect of laser cutting machine spare parts more accurate.

2. Protective lens

The main role of the protective lens is to prevent debris from splashing and prevent splashes from causing damage to the lens or the operator. The anti-reflection coating on both sides can reduce the reflection.

The replacement cycle of protective lenses is generally 3 months or according to the actual situation.

3. Reflective mirror

In laser systems, there are generally only one or two transmitting optical elements, usually used as the output reflector of the laser cavity and the focusing lens at the end. On the other hand, in some other laser systems, there may be five or more mirrors. The mirrors are used as tail mirrors and refractors to control the beam steering in the laser cavity and beam delivery system.

4. Copper nozzles

Copper nozzles assist in the rapid injection of gas and can effectively prevent debris such as melt stains from bouncing upward, thus protecting the focusing mirror. It can also control the size of the gas diffusion area, which will affect the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine.

The size of the orifice of the nozzle will vary depending on the thickness of the material being cut. The replacement cycle is usually about two months.


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