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Features and application scenarios of MOPA fiber laser marking machine

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Compared with ordinary laser marking machines, the pulse width of MOPA fiber laser marking machine M1 is 4-200ns, and the pulse width of M6 is 2-200ns. The pulse width of ordinary laser marking machines is 118-126ns. From this, it can be seen that the pulse width of MOPA laser marking machines can be adjusted in a wider range, so it is also understood why some products cannot be printed by ordinary fiber laser marking machines. effect, but MOPA's laser marking machine can do it. So what are the main application scenarios of MOPA fiber laser marking machine? Let's learn about it with Suntop Laser.

1. The internal structure of the laser

The pulse seed optical signal of MOPA fiber laser is generated by driving the semiconductor laser chip with electric pulse, that is, the output optical signal is modulated by the driving electric signal, so it is very strong for generating different pulse parameters (pulse width, repetition frequency, pulse waveform and power, etc.) flexibility.

2. Output optical parameters

The output pulse width of MOPA fiber laser is independently adjustable. The pulse width of MOPA fiber laser is arbitrarily tunable (ranging from 2 ns to 500 ns). The narrower the pulse width, the smaller the heat-affected zone, and higher machining accuracy can be obtained. MOPA fiber laser has a wider repetition rate range and can reach MHz high frequency output. High repetition frequency means high processing efficiency, and MOPA can still maintain high peak power characteristics under high repetition frequency conditions.

3. Application scenarios

MOPA fiber laser parameters can be adjusted in a wide range. Therefore, in addition to covering conventional nanosecond laser processing applications, it can also use its unique narrow pulse width, high repetition frequency, and high peak power to achieve some unique precision processing applications. for example:

Anodized aluminum blackening application

Use a laser to mark black trademarks, models, characters, etc. on the surface of anodized aluminum materials. This application has gradually been widely used in the casings of electronic products by Apple, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Meizu and other electronic manufacturers in the past two years. On the top, it is used to mark the trademark, model, etc. of the black mark. For such applications, currently only MOPA lasers can process them. Since the MOPA laser has a wide range of pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment, the narrow pulse width and high frequency parameters can be used to mark the black effect on the surface of the material, and different grayscale effects can also be marked by different parameter combinations.

Laser coloring of stainless steel

Color laser marking is a new type of laser marking process. At present, this technology only has MOPA laser marking color patterns on stainless steel. When coloring stainless steel materials, the color change of the surface layer of the material can be changed by adjusting the laser beam, so as to obtain decorative effects of different colors. For the stainless steel product industry, the color of the marking pattern can be added, and various edits can be made as desired. Character pattern, convenient and easy to operate: environmental protection and pollution-free; marking speed is fast, which can greatly increase the added value of stainless steel products and enhance the market competitiveness of stainless steel products. Add value to the product.

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