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Enclosed Laser Marking Machine Purchased by Oman Government Shipped

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Recently, the government of Oman is ready to purchase 5 sets of laser marking machines from Suntop, which are used for marking very small anti-counterfeiting codes on metal. When purchasing the laser marking machine, according to the advice of our professional technical engineers for the model selection, we chose this portable enclosed laser marking machine, and the machine is equipped with a smoke cleaner with precious metal recycling device.

Enclosed laser marking machine purchased by Oman government shipped-Suntop

Principle of laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is the use of laser beams in a variety of different substances on the surface of a permanent mark. The marking effect is through the surface material evaporation to reveal the deep material, or through the light energy to cause physical changes in the surface material and engraved traces, or through the light energy to burn off part of the material, showing the required etching patterns, text, bar codes and other types of graphics.

20w laser marking machine features-Suntop

Advantages of portable enclosed laser marking machine

1. Adopt the European CE standard laser protective glass fully enclosed design, the laser processing is visualized, and the operation is safer.

2. The CNC full cabinet small laser marking machine is equipped with electric lifting focus adjustment and emergency stop button, which is more convenient.

3. Non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good marking quality.

4. laser beam fine, processing material consumption is very small, processing heat-affected zone is small.

5. high processing efficiency, the use of computer control, easy to realize automation.

6. low cost of use, photoelectric conversion efficiency of 30%, power consumption of 600W per hour, no consumables.

7. extremely low failure rate, life of up to 100,000 hours, basically maintenance-free.

8. laser beam to do permanent marking, not easy to imitate and change, in the anti-counterfeiting has a very good effect.

9. High efficiency and speed, processing speed is 2-3 times faster than traditional lasers.

Enclosed laser marking machine purchased by Oman government shipped machine-Suntop

Principle of smoke purifier

The brushless fan in the purifier generates air volume and negative pressure, and sucks the smoke and exhaust gas into the filter, which is purified by multi-stage cartridges such as primary, intermediate, high-efficiency and gas filters, and then discharged indoors.

Advantages of Smoke Purifier

● Small body size, low running noise, equipped with casters, convenient to move.

● Equipped with low power consumption and maintenance-free brushless fan with large air volume, stable operation and long service life.

● Four-stage high-capacity filters ensure efficient purification of smoke, odor and harmful gases.

● The smoke filtration efficiency is as high as 99.7%@0.3 microns (self-tested by our company) and can be discharged indoors.

● Filter element can be replaced individually, which reduces the cost of using the filter element and makes maintenance and replacement of the filter element more convenient.

Enclosed laser marking machine purchased by Oman government shipped smoke purifier-Suntop

The five laser marking machines purchased by the government of Oman have been installed and tested, and are ready to be shipped to Oman.

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