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Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine

Suntop laser independent research and development, unique backpack design, the weight of the whole machine is only about 10kg, whether it is handheld, shoulder back, or fixed in the workstation, are small and exquisite, this product can be connected to the external power battery, the customer in the absence of power supply equipment in the place can also be used freely.
Product model: ST-PLC50H/ST-PLC100H
Laser power: 50W/100W (other power can be customized)
Cleaning adjustable rang: 0-300*300mm

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Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine features-Suntop

Product Description

Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine is a new type of cleaning equipment. It uses laser technology to efficiently, accurately and safely clean the surface of various materials. Its portable design, energy saving and environmental protection and relatively low price make it a new trend in the cleaning industry. It is widely used in automobiles, machinery, electronics, aviation and other fields.

Working Principle:

Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine is a cleaning solution that uses high-frequency short-pulse laser as the working medium. High-energy beams of a specific wavelength are absorbed by the rust layer, paint layer, and contamination layer, forming a rapidly expanding plasma and generating shock waves at the same time. The shock waves break the contaminants into fragments and remove them, achieving the cleaning effect. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, backpack laser cleaning machines have the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, stable cleaning quality, and no chemical reaction during the cleaning process.

Product Features

Ultra-portable, A4 paper size, external lithium battery power supply, high mobility.

Exclusive mini laser head weighs only 700g, flexible and convenient, long-lasting use.

The safety indicator and chassis handle are designed as a single unit, which ensures high-quality safety protection measures and more convenient use at the same time.

Stable system, easy to operate, long service life, cost-effective.

According to the cleaning needs of different workpieces and requirements, six cleaning modes are provided.

Pulse cleaning grade up to SA2.5.

Suitable for urban graffiti cleaning, welding channel cleaning, high-altitude work or precision workshop that can not be connected to electricity and other work scenes.

Product Details
Exclusive mini laser cleaning head

Exclusive mini laser cleaning head

● Cigarette case size, long time handheld without getting tired, stable to withstand 300W without getting hot.

● Precise positioning and cleaning, weight only 0.7KG, easy to hand it.

● Non-contact material when cleaning that can protect the material.

● Effectively remove micron-sized particles.

● Environment friendly, no consumables.

Multiple core functions

Multiple core functions

Handle and work light in one, one-touch morphing to warn of working conditions while saving space.

Self-developed mini-chassis

Self-developed mini-chassis

The handle of the case is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it light and durable, and the rounded design makes it easier to carry.

Unique backpack design

Unique backpack design

The case is equipped with a strap buckle, so that you can carry it over your shoulder, even if you are carrying it and freeing up your hands.

Touch screen display

Touch screen display

Intelligent touch screen design, no computer required, compact and convenient, more user-friendly operation.



Large displacement air outlet, strong heat dissipation novel appearance.

Product Advantages

As a new type of cleaning equipment, Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine has many unique advantages, which can help users to clean more efficiently and make cleaning more convenient.

1. Efficient cleaning: backpack laser cleaner adopts laser technology, which can quickly and efficiently clean all kinds of surfaces, not only removing stubborn dirt, but also reducing cleaning time and improving work efficiency.

2. Accurate cleaning: backpack laser cleaner can accurately clean the material surface, will not cause damage to the material surface, the cleaning effect is more excellent.

3. Safe and reliable: backpack laser cleaner using laser technology, will not produce secondary pollution, safe and reliable.

4. Convenient operation: the laser cleaner adopts a lightweight backpack design, easy and convenient operation, users can carry out cleaning work anytime and anywhere, improving the flexibility and convenience of work.

5. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly: the laser cleaner does not need to use chemical cleaners, only laser energy can complete the cleaning work, to avoid pollution of the environment, but also saves energy, in line with the modern concept of environmental protection.

Comparison between laser cleaning and traditional cleaning
laser cleaning

Laser Cleaning

Cleaning light source can be adapted to the arc surface shape of the rail, minimizing damage to the substrate.

Laser cleaning can achieve selective removal of pollutants, improve the cleanliness and protect the substrate.

Green cleaning technology without consumables, eliminating dust pollution and significantly reducing cleaning costs.

Cleaning light source can use fiber optic flexible transmission, with robot integrated work, improve efficiency and reduce labor costs

traditional cleaning

Traditional Cleaning

× Deep sanding destroys the surface curvature and has a serious impact on the damage to the substrate.

× Reduce the amount of grinding to ensure the curved surface shape, but lead to serious rust residue, laying a huge safety risks.

× Consumption of a large number of grinding wheel supplies, expensive, serious pollution of the environment, and a serious health hazard to workers.

× The work efficiency is low, the cleaning cycle is long, and the labor cost is invariably increased.

Six cleaning modes Selectable

Suntop pulse high precision cleaning machine, six cleaning modes can be selected, greater reduction of damage to the surface of the material, real high precision, high quality laser cleaning machine.

- Line

- Spirals

- Round

- Rectangular

- Round fill

- Rectangular fill

You can switch between these modes by clicking the "Scan Mode" option on the interface.

Six cleaning modes Selectable

Product Specification




Max. Laser   power (W)



Laser type

Nanosecond type   pulse fiber laser

Laser   wavelength (nm)


Cleaning grade


Cleaning   adjustable range



Power   adjustment range (%)


Cooling method

Advanced   built-in air cooling

Laser pulse   frequency (kHz)



Pulse length   (ns)



Maximum single   pulse energy (mJ)



Conductive   fiber length (M)


Number of   cleaning mode

6 (flexible   selection according to different cleaning requirements)

Machine size   (MM)



Machine weight   (KG)



Power   consumption (whole machine)



Applications & Samples & Videos

● Application of materials

Suitable for removing resin, paint, oil stains, stains, dirt, rust, coatings, etc. from the surface of objects.

● Application of industries

Widely used in urban graffiti cleaning, welding bead cleaning, automobile manufacturing, mold, cultural relic restoration, aerospace, shipbuilding, 3C electronics, medical equipment, rail transit, steel manufacturing, military equipment, various steel, iron, aluminum materials and other high precision parts industries.

● Cleaning samples

Casting Paint Removal

Casting Paint Removal

Derusting parts

Derusting Parts

Mold Degreasing

Mold Degreasing

Paint cleaning

Paint Cleaning

Part rust removal

Part Rust Removal

Railway track derusting

Railway Track Derusting

Rotor Blade Rust Removal

Rotor Blade Rust Removal

Tire cleaning

Tire Cleaning

Weld cleaning

Weld Cleaning

● Cleaning Videos




Quality assurance

1. Every production process has a special person to test to ensure quality

2. Have professional engineers to check the quality

3. All products have passed CE, FDA, ISO9001 and other certifications

4. Suntop Laser Cleaning Machine is subjected to strict tests and continuous 24-hour laser beam output before leaving our factory to ensure 100% machine stabilit


1. How can i place an order?
Please provide the details of your requirements as clear as possible. So we can send you the offer at the first time.
For further discussion, it is better to contact us with WhatsApp / WeChat / email / phone, in case of any delays.

2. What kind of display we provide?
We have laser marking machine / laser welding machine / laser cutting machine / laser cleaning / CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine / laser accessories for you choose.

3. How about the warranty?
We have 2 years warranty and lifelong maintenance

4. What is your terms of delivery?
We accept EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, DDP, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.


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