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Application of laser marking machine in laser engraving of leather products

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The field of leather products includes tanneries, shoes, leather jackets, leather goods, and leather chemicals, leather hardware, leather machinery, auxiliary materials, etc. Products made of such leather products are generally applied to laser cutting and laser engraving. Engraving LOGO trademarks, texts, pattern designs, serial numbers, QR codes, serial numbers, etc. on leather goods. The machine is easy to use, and the engraved characters and patterns will not fade or fall off for a long time.

CO2 laser marker features-Suntop

Application of laser marking machine in laser engraving of leather products

Leather laser marking machine is to use laser beam to mark on the surface of leather substances. The function of marking is to expose deep-seated substances through the volatilization of surface substances, and then carve out fine patterns, logos and texts.

The laser engraving design of leather products can meet the requirements of different applications of leather products: engraving, hollowing out, opening, cutting. Adopt dynamic pre-focus technology to make the spot after focusing more accurate, faster and better. Under the same conditions (same output power, same material, same graphics), it is 30%-50% higher than other companies in the same industry.

Advantages of laser marking machine in the application of leather cloth industry

Laser marking has the characteristics of high precision, fast, clear engraving, and can mark various texts, symbols, and patterns on the planar and curved surfaces of various products. It can be precisely machined on various raw materials to produce and process small and complicated patterns. It can specialize in making cloth labels, leather labels, and various emblems and LOGOs with complicated and delicate marking patterns. It is a good choice for the production and processing of brand clothing.

Suntop laser development and production of laser marking machine, it has the advantages of high precision engraving, hollow carving without burr, look different, can be suitable for a variety of materials, widely used in shoe uppers, clothing, shoe materials, luggage leather goods, luggage leather goods, leather goods, etc. The machine is easy to operate, no consumables, low cost of use, and can meet the mass production requirements of leather products manufacturers.

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