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Application of handheld laser cleaning machine in tire industry

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Tire molds are key equipment for tire production, and are widely used in the production of tires for automobiles, engineering machinery, bicycles, motorcycles, and aircraft. Since there are many textures or other patterns on the surface of the tire mold, the mold is inevitably polluted by the comprehensive deposition of rubber, compounding agent and release agent used in the vulcanization process during use; when producing automobile tires, the bottom of the tire mold and The surrounding pattern needs to be cleaned frequently. If it is not cleaned and used repeatedly, some pattern will accumulate pollutants, which will affect the forming accuracy of the tire and be prone to inferior products. Therefore, the tire mold must be cleaned regularly to maintain the cleanliness of its surface in order to produce good quality tires and extend the life of the mold. With the development of the tire industry, the efficiency and cleanliness requirements for tire mold cleaning are getting higher and higher, and the development of cleaning technology has also attracted people's attention.

Mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning are the most commonly used traditional cleaning methods for tire molds in the past. Mechanical cleaning uses manual emery cloth or steel wire physical grinding and dry sandblasting. It does not require high equipment and tools, but the disadvantage is that it will The mold causes irreversible mechanical damage, which shortens the life of the mold; moreover, the sandblasting treatment will also cause the mold vent hole to be blocked, and the mold needs to be disassembled to clear the exhaust later, resulting in a long cleaning cycle. The chemical cleaning method uses a cleaning agent, which is convenient for cleaning and low in cost; but long-term use will cause corrosion of the mold, affecting the appearance and quality of the finished product, not only shortening the life of the mold, but also causing environmental pollution during cleaning.

Laser cleaning paint features-SuntopLaser cleaning paint features-Suntop

As a new cleaning technology, laser cleaning has developed rapidly in recent years and is gradually replacing traditional cleaning technology with its own advantages. Laser cleaning refers to the use of high-frequency short-pulse laser as the working medium. The high-energy beam of a specific wavelength is irradiated on the surface of the object to be absorbed by the rust layer, paint layer, and pollution layer, forming a rapidly expanding plasma, and at the same time generating shock waves. The process of cleaning by breaking into pieces and being rejected can effectively remove the pollutants on the surface of the mold.

Compared with traditional mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning methods, it can clean dead corners that cannot be cleaned by general cleaning methods, achieve precise cleaning, and it does not need to touch the surface of the workpiece, without using cleaning agents, and can be pollution-free and noise-free. Non-destructive cleaning.

handheld laser cleaning machine in tire industry-Suntop

The hand-held laser cleaning machine cleans the mold by using the tire mold to absorb the laser of a specific wavelength. The pollutants on the surface of the mold are evaporated instantly after absorbing a large amount of energy, and are taken away from the surface of the mold, so as to achieve the cleaning effect. The laser absorbs very little energy, so it does not cause damage. The application of laser cleaning is beneficial to prolong the service life of the mold, does not damage the characteristics of the part matrix, and also helps to ensure high-quality finished tires. It is a very good "green" cleaning method.

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