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Application areas of laser cleaner

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When it comes to laser cleaning machine, the first thing that comes to our mind is the functions of laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser oil removal, laser coating removal, etc. Today we will systematically introduce the application areas of laser cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning machine laser beam shape can be controlled, not only does not harm the surface of the workpiece, but also can be very good to clean a variety of products workpiece, including cleaning rusty workpiece, remove the paint on the surface of the equipment, change the surface of the object oxidation of the dark and so on.

Laser cleaning paint features-Suntop

What is a laser cleaner?

Laser cleaning machine is a kind of machine that uses high-energy laser beam to remove rust, oil and other unwanted materials on the surface of the equipment. SUNTOP Laser laser cleaning machine utilizes high-energy high-frequency laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface dirt, rust spots or coatings undergoes instantaneous evaporation or stripping, and removes the surface adhesion or surface coating of the cleaning object at high speed and effectively so as to achieve the process of clean laser technology.

Laser cleaning process subverts the traditional variety of cleaning methods, to solve some of the use of chemicals and mechanical methods of cleaning and leaving a variety of chemical residues problem, but also reduces the damage to the equipment.

Laser cleaning is widely used in various fields :

1. Mold cleaning.

Laser can achieve mold contactless cleaning, mold surface is very safe, can ensure its accuracy, and can clean the traditional cleaning methods can not remove the sub-micron dirt particles, to achieve a truly non-polluting, high-efficiency, high-quality cleaning.

2. Precision instrument industry in the precise de-ester cleaning.

Precision machinery industry often need to lubricate and anti-corrosion parts on the ester and mineral oil to remove, usually with chemical methods, and chemical cleaning often still have residues. Laser de-esterification completely removes esters and mineral oils without damaging the surface of the part. The laser induces explosive vaporization of a thin layer of oxides on the surface of the part creating a shock wave that results in the removal of the contaminants, rather than mechanical interaction.

3. Rail cleaning.

Currently on the market rail pre-weld cleaning using grinding wheels, abrasive belt grinding cleaning, serious damage to the substrate, residual stress is serious, and annual consumption of a large number of abrasive wheel consumables, high cost, the environment caused by serious dust pollution. Laser cleaning can provide high quality and efficient green cleaning technology for high-speed railroad track laying production, solve the above problems, eliminate seamless rail holes, gray spots and other welding defects, and improve the stability and safety of high-speed railroad operation.

4. Aviation field.

The surface of an airplane has to be repainted after a certain period of time, but the original old paint needs to be completely removed before painting. Chemical dipping/wiping is the main paint removal method in the field of aviation, which causes a large amount of chemical subsidiary waste, and also can't realize the local overhaul of paint removal, the workload of the process is heavy, and health hazards. Laser cleaning can realize high-quality removal of paint on the surface of aircraft skin, and it is easy to realize automated production. At present, this technology has begun to be applied to the maintenance of some high-end aircraft in foreign countries.

5. Marine field.

At present, the ship pre-production cleaning is mainly used sandblasting method, sandblasting method of the surrounding environment caused serious dust pollution, has been gradually banned, which led to the ship production enterprises to reduce production, or even shut down. Laser cleaning technology will provide green and pollution-free cleaning solutions for ship surface anti-corrosion spraying.

6. Military field.

Laser cleaning technology is widely used in weapons maintenance. The use of laser cleaning system can efficiently and quickly remove rust, pollutants, and can be selected for the removal of parts to achieve the automation of cleaning. The use of laser cleaning, not only cleaner than the chemical cleaning process, and for the object surface almost no damage.


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