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Laser Marking Machine Power Instability Processing Skills

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Laser marking machine is a kind of high-precision equipment widely used in industrial production, marking the workpiece through the laser beam, which has the characteristics of fast and accurate. However, in the process of using it, it sometimes encounters the problem of unstable power, which affects the marking effect and production efficiency.

Laser marking machine power instability processing skills-Suntop

So if we encounter marking power instability marking how should we solve it? The following follow Suntop laser to understand:

1. Regular cleaning of optical components

Laser marking machine optical components such as lenses, mirrors, etc. after a long period of time will be dust, oil and other contamination, resulting in beam attenuation, which in turn affects the power stability. Regular cleaning of these components to keep the optical system clean will help improve power stability.

2. Calibrate laser power

Regularly calibrate the power of the laser marking machine to ensure that the output power meets the set value. If the power fluctuation is found to be large, it can be adjusted by adjusting the parameters of the laser source or replacing the laser tube, etc. to improve power stability.

3. Control of ambient temperature

Laser marking machine is sensitive to the environment temperature, too high or too low temperature will affect the stability of the equipment. Maintain a constant temperature of the working environment can reduce the impact of power fluctuations.

Laser marking machine power instability processing skills samples

4. check the power supply

Power supply is the key to the normal operation of the laser marking machine, unstable power supply will lead to equipment power fluctuations. Regularly check the power supply line to ensure that the power supply is stable and reliable, which helps to solve the problem of unstable power.

5. Update the software version

Laser marking machine control software will also affect the stability of the equipment, timely update the software version can repair some power control bugs, improve the stability and reliability of the equipment.

6. Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the laser marking machine, including cleaning, lubrication, parts replacement and other work, can extend the service life of the equipment, to maintain the stability of the equipment.

Laser marking machine power instability processing skills samples-Suntop

Laser marking machine selection skills:

First, determine what material you want to mark the target, is the steel class or leather class, is plastic class or acrylic ceramic class, only you determine the material, you can decide to buy what kind of laser marking machine.

Second, to determine whether you want to mark the pattern or text has the complexity of the machine you buy whether in the choice of hardware or software can not meet the expectations you want.

Laser marking machine power instability processing skills sample

Third, to determine the area of the material you mark, you buy the laser marking machine whether the machine can meet the area of the marking material, not every laser marking machine will accept the area of the marking task, so this point must be determined, a large area of the laser marking machine to pay attention to the marking of each point of the laser output whether the stability.

Fourth, how about the hardware of the laser marking machine, the hardware includes what we call the laser head, galvanometer, the internal chip and other, is the chip and laser head.

Fifth, marking speed how, each laser marking machine marking speed is different, because the inner hardware structure is different, there are differences in marking fiber laser marking machine speed, of course, need to look at how the customer needs to marking effect, here the marking effect is the depth of the marking.

Laser marking machine power instability processing skills sample-Suntop

The above is Suntop laser laser marking machine marking power unstable solution and how we should choose the right laser marking machine, I hope to help you, want to buy laser marking machine can contact Suntop laser, we can customize according to your requirements UV laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and carbon dioxide laser marking machine, to meet the customer's different material marking requirements.

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