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Laser Marking Control Card

Original golden orange fiber laser marking card

Jinchengzi laser marking card Ezcad galvanometer control card can control the scanning system and laser in real time through the standard USB host interface. Due to the EZCad card's compactness and input/output capabilities, customers can easily integrate entire machinery with this card. Used for laser marking equipment, PCI bus and USB form, communicate with the host computer through the interface.

Laser control boards and related EZCAD software are the most famous products in this field in China. We sell original LMCV4-FIBER fiber laser control boards that are compatible with mainstream fiber laser sources and galvanometer scanners, have limited hardware I/O, do not support dynamic markers, and only support 1 additional axis.

Main feature of laser marking control card

· Standard DB25 connector, compatible with IPG, Raycus, Maxphotonics and other mainstream fiber laser sources

· The galvanometer control signal is a digital signal and is compatible with mainstream digital galvanometer scanners.

· Support third axis, such as rotating head USD2.0 interface, used to connect to PC.

Main function of laser marking control card

1. Freely design the graphics and patterns to be processed.

2. Supports TrueType fonts, single-line fonts (JSF), dot matrix fonts (DMF), one-dimensional barcodes and DataMatrixdeng and other two-dimensional barcodes.

3. Flexible text change processing, text can be changed in real time during processing, and text files and Exce1 files can be directly and dynamically read and written.

4. Powerful node editing function and graphics editing function, which can perform curve welding, cutting and intersection operations.

5. Supports up to 256 pens and can set different processing parameters for different objects.

6. Compatible with commonly used image formats (bmp, jpsgif, tge, png, tif, etc.) 1 Compatible with commonly used Yari graphics (ai, dxf, dst, plt, etc.).

7. Commonly used image processing functions (grayscale conversion, black-and-white image conversion, dot processing, etc.), which can process 256-level grayscale images. Powerful filling function, supporting ring filling.

8. With a variety of control objects, users can freely control the system to interact with external devices.

9. Open multi-language support function, which can easily support languages around the world.


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