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Laser cutting machine in the advertising industry

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Today's advertising in order to pursue greater promotional effect, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting consumers, in addition to the choice of celebrity publicity people and design eye-catching publicity slogans, the design of billboards also has more flexible and changeable requirements.

Laser cutting machine in this regard has the advantages of traditional cutting equipment than not, laser cutting machine in the processing of materials all controlled by the program, technicians can be based on the user's different cutting requirements, set up the corresponding cutting pattern to meet the user's flexible design needs.

Single table fiber laser cutting machine features-Suntop

Laser cutting machine compared to traditional cutting equipment, laser cutting machine adopts more advanced laser cutting technology, as long as the customer for the need to cut the drawings and various shapes of fonts, and then the production of metal word picture into the software, can be processed out of the desired shape and effect, no need for secondary processing; no need to go through the complex process, directly shorten the entire processing cycle, and cut the stainless steel material has a The stainless steel material cut has the characteristics of smooth cut, no burr and not easy to be deformed.

In addition to billboards, the processing of advertising fonts is also a processing process often done in the advertising industry. Advertising letters are usually made of stainless steel, titanium, copper plate, etc., and its production process is generally divided into two categories, the traditional process of three-dimensional edge and the word surface welding and polishing appear rough, with ordinary materials, generally applicable to the process requirements of the signboard is not high.

Laser cutting machine in the advertising industry samples-Suntop

And in the "value" first today, the traditional signboard has obviously been unable to meet the needs of the brand show, the use of laser cutting machine processing three-dimensional edges of the corners of the welded tightly, the overall appearance of the beautiful metal word, has become a high brand standard.

The use of laser cutting billboards and advertising fonts can effectively improve processing efficiency, new product development, etc., which can save time and respond to the rapidly changing processing needs of the advertising industry.

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