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Laser Cleaning Helps Cast Aluminum Door Handles Look New Like

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Now everywhere you can see the metal materials appear in our daily life, when the metal placed for a long time, will produce a layer of oxidation layer, oxide layer as the name suggests is the metal meets the surface of the air to generate a layer of dense oxide film to prevent the metal and the air to continue to react.

laser cleaning high power 1500w features-Suntop

For example, aluminum is an active metal, easy to oxidize, generate a dense oxide film, aluminum has a protective effect, and some metal oxide film is not, like iron, because its oxide film is loose and porous, such metal to implement anti-oxidation measures.

Traditional cleaning methods are basically the use of special cleaning cleaning solution to clean, the need to deal with the sample soaked in cleaning solution, soak for a period of time, and then take out the rinse, after the sample in the blow-drying process. And the cleaning fluid also has a certain period of use. The whole process down to spend a long time, more steps, but also a certain amount of consumables and applicable life.

Laser cleaning helps cast aluminum door handles look new like sample-Suntop

The use of laser cleaning can greatly save the time, process, and no consumables, safety and environmental protection. Our company uses the laser to remove the oxidized layer of equipment to quickly clean the oxidized layer on the surface of cast aluminum, the cleanliness is much higher than the chemical cleaning method, can be applied to a wide range of substrates, through the regulation of the parameters of the laser, without damaging the surface of the substrate on the basis of an effective cleaning, so that the surface of the old as new.

Laser cleaning helps cast aluminum door handles look new like-Suntop

Laser cleaning technology refers to the use of high-energy laser beam irradiation of the surface of the workpiece so that the surface of the dirt, rust spots or coatings occur instantaneous evaporation and stripping, and to achieve the clean process. As a novel cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has been applied in many cleaning fields, involving mechanical industry, microelectronics industry and artwork protection.

Laser cleaning product advantages:

● Energy saving: low energy consumption, only consume electricity.

● High efficiency: for irregular surface cleaning convenient, fast cleaning.

● Environmental protection: does not produce secondary pollution, the removed material can be recycled.

● Precision: micron-level precision control can be achieved.

● Intelligent: strong applicability and maneuverability, can cooperate with the robot to realize intelligence.

● Safety: no damage to the substrate.

Laser cleaning helps cast aluminum door handles look new like samples-Suntop

It can be seen that the laser cleaning technology is a "green" cleaning process, the environment basically does not cause pollution. Laser cleaning has the advantages that traditional cleaning does not have, but also in the gradual replacement of traditional cleaning.

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