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Is It True That Laser Cleaning of Molds Does Not Harm The Substrate?

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Mold has a very important role in industrial production. In order to ensure the production quality of products, the need for regular maintenance of mold maintenance. And mold cleaning is the key process of mold maintenance, directly affecting the mold work of the entire production process, residual material cleaning is not complete, will directly affect the quality of the product.

Is it true that laser cleaning of molds does not harm the substrate-Suntop

General mold in the production work is completed, need to be cleaned after the mold, the mold, and how to clean the mold surface and does not hurt the substrate? The earliest is to use high-temperature alkaline water to soak the mold, which is very useful for small molds, but for large molds is not applicable. Later, people invented the sand blasting method, sand blasting method of raw materials generally have sand, but all the sand blasting cleaning there is damage to the surface of the mold, reduce the service life of the mold, so it is also not suitable for the use of this method, so it is more and more factories out.

handheld fiber laser cleaning machine features-Suntop

With the development of the times, Suntop laser innovation, research and development of laser mold washing machine can be very good to deal with the above situation, for all kinds of molds on the adhesion of the instant can be completely removed, easy to use, that laser mold washing machine really does not hurt the mold? The answer is of course. Because laser cleaning is a new type of green cleaning methods, specific wavelengths of high-energy beams are rust layer, paint layer, pollution layer absorption, the formation of rapidly expanding plasma (highly ionized unstable gas), at the same time produce shock waves, shock waves so that the pollutants into fragments and be removed, and the role of a very short laser pulse, in the appropriate parameters will not harm the mold, can extend the use of mold time! It reduces the cost of mold maintenance and improves the efficiency of mold cleaning.

Is it true that laser cleaning of molds does not harm the substrate sample-Suntop

Laser cleaning mold has many advantages:

1. Efficient cleaning: laser cleaning in a short period of time to quickly remove the mold surface dirt, oil and residue, improve cleaning efficiency.

2. Non-contact cleaning: laser cleaning is a non-contact cleaning method, does not require physical contact with the surface of the mold, so there will be no wear and tear or damage to the mold.

3. High-precision cleaning: laser cleaning technology has a high degree of precision, can clean the mold surface of the tiny structures and details of the part, to ensure that the mold thoroughly clean.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving: laser cleaning process does not require the use of chemical solvents or cleaning agents, reducing the generation of chemical waste, in line with environmental requirements. In addition, the energy consumption of the laser cleaning machine is relatively low.

5. Extend the life of the mold: regular cleaning of molds can remove dirt and residues, prevent their corrosion and damage to the mold surface, thereby extending the life of the mold.

Is it true that laser cleaning of molds does not harm the substrate samples-Suntop

In short, laser cleaning of molds has the advantages of high efficiency, precision, environmental protection, etc. It is an advanced cleaning technology, which is very beneficial for mold manufacturing and maintenance. In the cleaning process, there is no use of consumables, when the mold surface attachments are cleaned, the laser will not react to the mold. Therefore, laser cleaning can quickly and thoroughly clean the mold without affecting the quality of the mold, saving production costs for enterprises and improving production efficiency.

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