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Pressure Gauge Laser Welding Machine

This machine specially designed for pressure gauge and instrument industries, friendly interface, automatic control, suitable for different kinds of instruments automatic laser welding.

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Pressure gauge laser welding machine main features

This customized pressure gauge laser welding machine which we specially designed for famous Germany WIKA company, it adopts imported golden plating laser cavity, 6KW dual pulse Xe-lamp.Wave current can control the switch power supply,high power.Pulse programmable and intellectualized system management, industrial PC control(three or four axis).Configuration precision X and Y axis, the two mobile platforms and high into the elevator, you can manually and do focus .customer can choose the optional rotary working table(φ80mm or φ125mm).

CCD Monitor system and 3P water cooling system.

1,  Application background.

Automatic pressure gauge laser welding machine is mainly applied to the instrument industry case automatic welding.
At present we have hard light path and optical fiber transmission type two kinds of laser welding machine for this application.

2,  System introduction

This scheme is the table for the instrument industry or in need of special welding trajectory and the development of special fixture, with automatic control system.

3, We developed the specal laser welding fixtures for different diameter pressure gauges, exact picture as follows:

4, Full automatic laser welding for 8 sides of pressure gauge total time less than 90 seconds, high precision, beautiful welding, no need for secondary polishing, high efficiency, the real pressure gauge laser welded pictures as follows:

5, This laser welding machine is easy to operate, the rought working flow as follows:

5.1, the equipment is energized, the power indicator light.

5.2, open the software, set the relevant parameters and trajectory;

5.3, manual products will be clamped;

5.4, "Running" button, workbench automatically according to the trajectory, the top sleeve press, welding gasket and the case of four sides, four sides after welding, automatic recovery of the top sleeve, four edges welded gasket and header;

5.5, the welding is completed, table back to the feeding point;

5.6, manually removed after welding products;

5.7, the next product according to the process 3 to 6 cycle.

6, Interface

Data input: Computer interface: WINDOWS.

7, Pressure gauge laser welding machine the main configuration:




Laser source

300W or 400W Gold plating dual Xe lamp

Can choose the unbent optic laser or fiber transmission laser welder.

The laser cavity height can be adjustable depends on the customer's pressure gauge specifications


20 times zoom monitor

Coaxial monitoring


The color liquid crystal display


Cooling system

3P water chiller


Control system

Multi axis control system


Translational worktable

Travel range : 200mm


Rotate working table

The motor rotating worktable, clamping range, 40mm

The circumferential welding

The Z shaft lifting table

Electric lift 80mm

The traditional manual focusing, is   designed with electric focusing   system for automatic control


Special lamp lighting


Universal regulation

Real time gas protection

Fixtures for pressure gauges

Professional design and manufacture of   the fixture (consists of four parts)

A:Fixtures, the product core and shell fixed clamp;

B:The top cover, the fixture will be pressure on the shell;

C:Adapter fixture, the fixture and the   rotary table are fixed together;

D:Auxiliary fixture, regulating clamp angle distance





Pump sources

Two Xe-lamp (imported), Gold plating chamber


300W (400W,500W and 600W optional)

Max. single pulse energy


Pulse width


Sequence frequency


Welding spot size


Welding depth


Sequence welding


Observe system

CCD monitor


Red light indication

Cooling system

Water cooling

Repeatability precision


Machine size

770mm*1350mm*1200mm (L*W*H)

Water chiller size

600 * 880 *1450 mm

Electricity requirement

12-15KW,three phase

Power supply requirement


Machine total Gross weight (KG)


Machine packing size (mm)

Laser machine: 1150mm*1200mm*1850mm

Water chiller: 1500mm*680mm*980mm

The pressure gauge laser welding photos from SUNTOP LASER as follows:

Pressure gauge laser welding machine-Suntop


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