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3D Robot Fiber Laser Welding Machine

We have perfectly integrated world-class brand intelligent robots and advanced fiber lasers to achieve 3D laser welding of products. Provide high-quality welding for customers in the metal processing industry to meet the production needs of various small-batch and large-batch products. We can also provide you with a one-stop laser welding automation solution to save your labor and increase your productivity.
Product Model: ST-DW500/ST-DW1000/ST-DW1500/ST-DW2000
Laser power: 500W/1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W/6000W

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3D robot fiber laser welding machine features-Suntop

Features of 3D robot laser welding machine

1. The whole set of equipment realizes the completely independent division of the feeding area of the processing area. Double-station automatic turntable feeding, which can be customized according to the actual laser welding needs of customers.

2. The system has the auxiliary function of red light indication. By observing the trajectory of the red light, you can judge whether the welding position is correct.

3. Using the mechanical arm, the equipment has a compact structure, takes up little space, works stably and reliably, and is easy to operate. The optical fiber lines and welding joints are fixed at the end of the robot, and the control of the robot is realized through welding.

4. It comes with teaching software to manually control the robot to realize the laser welding requirements of 3D arbitrary graphic trajectory. Prefabricated double-station operation saves loading and unloading time and improves equipment efficiency.

5. The system uses coaxial blowing, and the blowing switch is automatically controlled by the system. When the external pressure is insufficient, the system will alarm and stop the welding action to avoid welding waste. The air nozzle is easy to replace and has a high finish.

6. High-quality welded joints from American LASERMECH or Swiss RAYTOOLS company are used, with narrow gaps and good quality.

Details of 3D robot laser welding machine

1. Laser source

We use advanced fiber laser with service life over 10w hours, low energy consumption and low failure rate.

2. Welding head

The robot can be connected with various welding heads and can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. Six-axis linkage of the robot

The six-axis linkage of the robot can easily realize the welding of three-dimensional workpieces. With special tooling and connecting rod workbench, fully automatic welding can be realized in one clamping.

4. Robot arm

High-efficiency and high-speed operation, reduce product defect rate, accurately control output, reduce waste of manpower and capital resources, and simple operation.

5. Robot base

Small footprint, no noise; optimized motor and motion performance, high stability and low power consumption.

6. CCD monitoring and positioning system

The welding effect is clearly visible and easy to adjust.

7. Remote control

Integrated remote control handle, easy to operate and program.

8. Water chiller

Environmentally friendly refrigerant, perfect compatibility with all lasers, stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, energy saving and power saving.

Advantages of 3D robot laser welding machine

1. Laser welding can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding, etc. of thin-walled materials and precision parts.

2. Perfect welding quality, small deformation, high penetration, no welding penetration.

3. The welding efficiency is extremely high, reducing manpower to replace traditional welding equipment.

4. Using high-power laser power supply, it can meet 24-hour mass production and is suitable for large-scale production enterprises or users.

5. With automatic focus and rotation functions, it can weld products of any shape in 3D space.

6. Adopt special laser welding control system with stable performance and easy operation.

7. Maximum welding benefit cost, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection.

Professional artificial intelligence welding head

1. This welding head has strong advantages in aluminum alloy welding and medium power welding applications, and is a cost-effective welding head.

2. The welding head uses a motor to drive the X and Y axis vibrating lenses, and has various swing modes. The swing welding allows workpieces to have irregular weld seams, large gaps and other processing parameters, which can significantly improve the welding quality.

3. The internal structure of the welding head is completely sealed to prevent the optical part from being polluted by dust.

4. The protective lens adopts a drawer structure, which is easy to replace.

5. It can be equipped with various lasers with QBH connectors.

Process of 3D robot laser welding machine

A. Station 1 Put the assembled workpiece together with the fixture on the welding station to start welding. Station 1 is driven by an automatic turntable and rotates to the robotic welding station.

B. At the welding station, the robot controls the welding path for welding processing. At the same time, workpiece assembly will be completed at station 2.

C. Repeat the above process.

3D robot laser welding machine application

Application materials

It can be used for welding stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, gold, chromium, silver, titanium, nickel and other metals or alloys. It can also be used for various welding between different materials, including copper – brass, titanium-molybdenum, titanium- gold, nickel-copper, etc.

Application industry

Widely used in many new energy industries such as auto parts, stainless steel   kitchenware,  sheet metal processing, electronic chassis, door and window guardrails, steel structure industry, animal husbandry  industry, furniture industry, hardware industry,etc.

Parameters of 3D robot laser welding machine



Laser power


Laser source


Robot arm

ABB Robot (another robot optional)

Laser welding head

Germany Precitec or Swiss RAYTOOLS

Control system

Touch screen + PLC

The welding table

Electric dial system



Laser protection    

Safety grating and protective room

Laser wavelength


Repositioning accuracy


Output power stability


Aiming positioning system

Built-in Red Light

Cooling system

Water Cooled with automatic pumping function

Power supply


3D robot fiber laser welding machine samples-Suntop


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