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How To Quickly Clean The Oil Glue on The Laser Mold?

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Injection mold with the production plan, all kinds of oil and dirt will accumulate around the mold, not only damage the service life of the mold, but also and its impact on the qualified rate of finished products.

How to quickly clean the oil glue on the laser mold-Suntop

In actual use, the mold also has some problems, such as mold residual cleaning problems, mold rust. Mould in the completion of the product and take out, the mold surface will often have raw material residue, which will directly affect the next product of continuous production, and even need to stop the machine for manual cleaning of the mold, resulting in the wrong time and work.

Secondly, most of the industrial molds are metal steel, many molds in the use of the end of the temporary shelves or spare stage, often rust stains. Since the mold must be cleaned before it can be used on the machine, the traditional cleaning will consume a lot of labor, which will bring greater cleaning trouble to the manufacturers.

laser cleaning system price features-Suntop

With the continuous development of science and technology, the earliest cleaning method is to use high-temperature alkaline water to soak the mold, which is very useful for small molds, but for large molds is not applicable.

But if you switch to laser cleaning, the efficiency is much higher. Laser cleaning can be used in the mold production line, automated cleaning of mold residue on the material, it can be a good solution to the problem of long downtime delay in production. At present, laser cleaning has been able to plane, surface, holes, crevices to achieve effective cleaning, can quickly remove the mold surface of the adhesive layer, oil and so on.

How to quickly clean the oil glue on the laser mold samples-Suntop

Laser cleaning machine has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency: laser cleaning machine using high-energy laser beam for cleaning, can quickly remove the surface dirt, greatly improving the cleaning efficiency.

2. High precision: the laser beam used by the laser cleaning machine is very accurate, can clean to a very small area, and will not cause any damage to the surface.

3. Environmental protection: Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning machine does not need to use any chemical cleaning agent, can reduce environmental pollution.

How to quickly clean the oil glue on the laser mold sample-Suntop

4. Energy saving: laser cleaning machine in the cleaning process only needs to consume electricity, compared with traditional cleaning methods can significantly reduce energy consumption.

5. Reusable: laser cleaning machine cleaning process waste can be recycled, reducing the cost of waste disposal.

6. Controllable: laser cleaning machine can be adjusted by the laser beam energy and frequency to achieve different cleaning effects, can meet the cleaning needs of different areas.

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