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How do laser cleaners remove paint?

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Laser cleaning machines play an important role in industrial cleaning such as automobile manufacturing, precision parts processing, building exterior wall cleaning, cultural relic protection, oil removal, and paint removal. So how effective is laser paint removal? How does a laser cleaner remove paint?

Paint is a coating used to cover the surface of a material for protection or decoration, and can form a firm adhesion film on the surface of the object to be coated. Paint is widely used to coat metal surfaces due to industrial needs. However, when the paint on the metal workpiece peels or needs to be refurbished, the paint applied to the surface of the material is difficult to remove. Faced with this problem, laser cleaning machines have played an important role.

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Laser cleaning paint technology uses laser beam irradiation to make the paint layer on the surface of the material expand, shrink and peel off, coupled with high-intensity vibration, directly shatters the peeled paint layer on the surface. Compared with the traditional paint removal method, the advantage of this laser cleaning method is that the machine can be used when it is powered on, and no other consumables are required. Since laser cleaning does not require the use of chemicals, it will neither pollute the environment nor endanger the health of employees.

Advantages of laser cleaning paint

1. No chemical solution is required, so there is no environmental pollution problem caused by chemical solution.

2. Laser cleaning paint is non-contact, and it is transmitted through optical fiber, which can conveniently realize long-distance operation.

3. Laser cleaning can remove paints of different types and thicknesses on the surface of various materials to achieve a high degree of cleanliness.

4. Laser cleaning can selectively remove the dirt on the surface of the material, and clean the curved surface without damaging the internal composition and structure of the material.

5. Laser cleaning equipment is easy to move, can be used stably for a long time, and can easily realize automatic operation.

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