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Handheld Laser Engraver Laser Cutter

The handheld laser engraving machine has the characteristics and advantages of being flexible and portable, multi-functional, high-precision engraving capability, flexible parameter adjustment, easy to use, and applicable to multiple materials. It is suitable for personal creative design, small processing scenes and engraving enthusiasts, etc., providing users with a convenient, flexible and creative engraving experience.
Product Model: ST-FL20H
Laser power: 20W
Working area: 110mm*110mm

Details        Product Parameters        Samples       Videohandheld laser engraver & laser cutter features-Suntop

Features of handheld laser engraver & laser cutter

● Flexible and portable: Small and lightweight, it can be operated by hand, which is very suitable for scenes that require mobility and flexible operation. Users can engrave anytime and anywhere without space restrictions.

● Multifunctional application: A variety of engraving and marking effects can be achieved. It can engrave text, patterns, images, and can also engrave special effects such as notching and surface calibration. It has a wider range of applications and can meet different needs.

● High-precision engraving capability: Using laser beam for engraving, it has high engraving accuracy.

● Flexible adjustment of parameters: Usually equipped with the function of adjusting parameters, users can flexibly adjust parameters such as laser power and engraving speed according to needs to achieve different engraving effects.

●Easy to use: Simple to operate, no complicated operating steps and procedures required. Using a touch screen for operation, you only need simple settings and instructions to engrave.

Details of handheld laser engraver & laser cutter

1. Imported motor galvanometer

Using imported motors for marking, high precision, fast speed, good marking effect, diameter up to 0.02M.

2. All aluminum positioning cover

Focus positioning is convenient, and the handle is equipped with a print button, saving time and effort.

3. Hand-held marking head

It can be marked with one button, has an ergonomic grip, is comfortable to hold, saves time and effort, and is easy to operate.

4. Touch screen industrial computer

High-quality touch control experience, no lag in operation, high anti-magnetic, dust-proof, impact-proof and strong anti-interference ability, and can work continuously for a long time.

5. Built-in USB interface

Text, LOGO, graphics, QR codes, barcodes and other content that need to be marked can be imported.

6. Exquisite body

Lightweight design, it can be carried away with one hand, especially suitable for marking on large, heavy and difficult-to-remove workpieces.

handheld laser engraver & laser cutter details-Suntop

Advantages of handheld laser engraver & laser cutter

Handheld laser engraving machines are innovative tools that take engraving technology to a whole new level. Compared with traditional engraving machines, handheld laser engraving machines are more flexible and convenient, applicable to a variety of scenarios and needs.

Advantage 1: Portability

Handheld laser engraving machine is small and lightweight, can be easily carried to any place to create. No longer limited to a fixed workbench, allowing creativity to be displayed anywhere and anytime.

Advantage 2: Accuracy

Laser technology makes the handheld laser engraving machine has a very high degree of accuracy, can realize the fine engraving effect, so that the work is more beautiful and detailed.

Advantage 3: unlimited creativity

Handheld laser engraving machine can engrave a variety of materials, including wood, leather, plastic, etc., so that creativity unlimited extension. Whether it is personalized customization or artistic creation, can be handy.

Advantage 4: easy to learn and use

Compared with traditional engraving tools, handheld laser engraving machine operation is simple and easy to learn, without the need for complex technical background, you can quickly get started, so that the creation of more relaxed and enjoyable.

Advantage 5: efficient and fast

Laser engraving technology allows handheld laser engraving machine to achieve efficient and rapid production, saving time and cost, improve productivity, to meet the needs of different users.

Advantage 6: environmental protection and energy saving

The laser engraving process does not need to contact chemicals, no additional consumables, environmental protection and energy saving. At the same time, the laser engraving machine adopts electricity as the energy source, saving energy resources.

Application materials of handheld laser engraver & laser cutter

Suitable for working with most metal marking applications such as Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Steel, Iron Titanium etc, and can also mark on many nonmetal materials,such as ABS, Nylon, PES, PVC etc.

Application industry of handheld laser engraver & laser cutter

Metals, alloy, oxide, ABS, epoxy resin, printing ink, etc, which are widely applying for electronics, jewelry, automobiles, communication products, phone keys, plastic translucent keys, jewelry products, key chain, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, buckles cookware, stainless steel products and other industries.

Parameters of handheld laser engraver & laser cutter

Laser Power




Max Marking Range


Depth of Single Marking


Whole Machine Power


Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Laser Source

Raycus Brand

Control Software


Cooling Mode

Air Cooling

Working Accuracy


Marking Speed


Repetition Frequency


Laser Wavelength


Minimum Font for Marking


Working Voltage

110V-220V (depending on customer   needs)

Graphic Format Supported


Applicable Material

All metal (Stainless steel, Carbon   steel, Brass,etc.) and some plastic(ABS, PVC,PES, ETC.)

Spare Parts Come with the Machine

Protective glasses, Metal business   card, Foot switch, Hex socket wrench, Power cord

Net Weight (KG)


Machine Dimension

420*210*328mm (L*W*H)

handheld laser engraver & laser cutter samples-Suntop




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