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Green Laser Marking Machine

It has the characteristics and advantages of high-quality marking capability, high contrast, low thermal impact, high-speed marking, multi-material application, and high energy consumption ratio. It is widely used in a variety of different fields, such as electronics, plastics, medical, automotive, etc., providing efficient, accurate and reliable solutions for product marking and identification.
Product Model: ST-UV03P/ST-UV05P
Laser power: 3W/5W
Working area: 110*110mm/150*150mm

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green laser marking machine features-Suntop

Features of green laser marking machine

1. The whole machine has stable performance, compact structure, small volume, light weight and easy to carry.

2. It adopts built-in laser diode technology to avoid the effect of fibre jitter on the output laser.

3. it is cooled laser, marking on heat-sensitive plastic material is very good and smooth, and will not cause any damage to the material surface.

4. The heat-affected zone is extremely small, avoiding deformation, damage or burning of the processed material, and the finished product rate is high.

5. Stable performance, no consumables, low cost of use, maintenance-free.

6. High photoelectric conversion rate, output wavelength 355nm, beautiful engraving effect, good touch, high anti-counterfeiting effect.

Details of green laser marking machine

1. Laser source

The core component is the laser, which is responsible for generating a high-power, high-stability laser beam, allowing the laser beam to perform marking operations with higher speed and accuracy.

2. Laser scanning galvanometer

The optical scanning galvanometer is also the core component of the laser marking machine. It is mainly used for rapid and precise positioning of the beam. The performance of the galvanometer determines the accuracy of the marking machine.

3. Focus system

The focusing system focuses the parallel laser beam on a point, mainly using f-θ lens (also called field lens). Different field lenses have different focal lengths, and the marking effects and ranges are also different. You can choose according to your own products and required marking range. Matching mirror model.

4. Laser power supply

The input voltage of the laser power supply is AC220V. There is a switching power supply for the peripheral of the small computer, which is convenient for portability, emergency stop, etc.

5. Marking software

The laser processing system is combined with computer numerical control technology to form an efficient automated processing equipment that can print various texts, patterns, symbols, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, etc. It is easy to use software to design marking patterns, change marking content, and adapt to modern production. High efficiency and fast pace requirements.

6. Computer control system

It is the control and command center of the entire laser marking machine, and is also the carrier of software installation. The workpiece marking process is completed through the coordinated control of the acousto-optic modulation system and the galvanometer scanning system.

glass laser etching machine details-Suntop

Advantages of green laser marking machine

● High-quality marking: Using high-quality laser with shorter wavelength and higher energy density, high-quality marking can be achieved. It can realize small and fine text, patterns and logos, and is particularly effective for precision marking tasks with higher requirements.

● High contrast: The light generated during the marking process has high contrast, making the marking effect clearer and more distinct. It has great advantages especially for some application scenarios that require high contrast, such as medical equipment and electronic components.

● Lower heat impact: It has a lower heat affected zone, which can avoid overheating of materials and reduce damage to materials. This is very important for some applications with high material requirements, such as plastics, electronic components, etc.

● High-speed marking: Equipped with a high-speed galvanometer system, which can quickly position, scan and mark. Therefore, it has fast marking speed, improving production efficiency and throughput.

● Applicable to multiple materials: Suitable for marking a variety of different materials, including plastics, metals, ceramics, etc. It has strong adaptability and wide application fields.

● High energy consumption ratio: It has high energy utilization efficiency. Compared with traditional mechanical or chemical marking methods, it can save energy and reduce operating costs.

Application materials of green laser marking machine

It is suitable for almost all materials. Widely used in metal (all metals such as iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc.), glass, crystal, PCB, plastic, fiber, paper, paint, silicon wafer, LCD, polyamide, wire, plug and other polymer materials.

Application industry of green laser marking machine

Especially suitable for the high-end market of ultra-fine processing, skin care cosmetics, medical drugs, food, silicon wafer micro-hole, blind hole processing, glass products, metal products, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc.

Parameters of green laser marking machine




Laser Power



Max. marking range



Output power



Maximum pulse energy



Pulse duration



1/e2 beam diameter at   output  



Laser Type

UV laser

Laser source

GAIN (JPT and   other brand optional)

Control Software


Cooling Mode

Water Cooling

Beam diameter

≤ 10mm

Working Accuracy


Marking Speed


Repetition Frequency


Laser Wavelength


Minimum Font for   Marking


Working Voltage

220V+10%    50/60 Hz

Graphic Format   Supported


Applicable Material

all metal material and   all non metal material

Spare Parts Come with   the Machine

Protective glasses,   Metal business card, Foot switch, Hex socket wrench, Power cord

Optional Accessories   to Purchase

D80 Rotating Shaft/   D57 Small Chuck/2D Table (X.Y direction)/ Cutting Fixture

Net Weight (KG)/ Gross   Weight

38KG / 48KG

Packaging Dimension

320mm*7549mm*668mm   (L*W*H)

green laser marking machine samples-Suntop






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