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Fully Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Full automatic sheet metal loading and unloading for fiber laser cutting machine, the Max. loading capacity up to 2000KG, can be equipped with the sorting robot.

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fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine features-Suntop

Fully Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine features

1, Our this Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine with air conditioner room and dust isolation/automatically-tracking smoking extraction system, energy-saving and perfect smoke extracton effect. Because of all electrical parts and laser Generator are inside of the machine, so our this design and idea will keep parts working stably even 24 hours continued working from which prolong the lifetime of the machine's optical parts, electrical parts etc.

2, Machine with fully automatic sheet metals loading and unloading system from which can save labor, greatly improve cutting efficiency and productivity, it can load the single plate sheet metal with weight up to 2000KG. 

3,  Suntop CNC fiber laser cutting machine mechanical transmission part has been tested and calibrated with USA brand laser interferometer for many times to ensure the our machine good and stable accuracy even after a few years of using, which is VERY important for end users when decide to buy.

The sheet metals laser cutting automatic loading and unloading system introduction

SLF series laser loading and unloading system can realize automatic loading and unloading of plates. The cut plates are placed on the work table of the transport tables, and different kinds of specifications sheet plates can be realized by controlling the vacuum suction cup. If it is necessary to sort, the sorting robot can be allocated (optional).

Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine system features and technical specification

-Unattended loading and unloading;

-Sheet metal separation function and double sheets automatic detection function;

-Equipped with the independent research and development of offline programming software, greatly improve the operation of convenience and efficiency;

-Modular design, can be customized according to the special needs of the customer;

-Vacuum chuck is equipped with unidirectional stop valve to meet different sizes and specifications of plate feeding.

Main parameters of Fully Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Name

Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine



Table effective cutting size

1500*3000mm (other size optional)

Fiber Laser Power


(High power has different configuration and machinery structure)

Laser wave length


Transmission system

Gear+rails (we have standard brand; we can also produce as your requirements)

X.Y axis location accuracy


X.Y axis repeat location accuracy


X.Y axis max moving speed

30m/min (the exact data according to whick kind of metals and the corresponding thickness)

Max cutting speed

1--30m/min (it will according to metal material and laser power)

Cutting thickness

Depends on the actual metal material

Application Material

Metal sheet Iron /CS /SS /Aluminum /Copper and all kinds metals


>From the raw materials to the final machine all from us directly.
>Simple, compact, electrically and optically efficient
>Compatibly powerful and reliable
>Maintenance free

>3 years warranty

>Protective Cover, CE standard design.

Net weight of the whole system

12500KG (different configuration and power have different weight)

The real laser metal cutting sample photos from this machine for reference

fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine samples-Suntop



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