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Fiber Laser Marking Machine Does Not Light How To Solve?

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Some manufacturers in the use of fiber laser marking machine for product processing process, there will be some faults, such as laser marking machine does not come out of the light and so on. Then why the laser marking machine will not light? And how to solve it? The following Suntop laser talk to you about fiber laser marking machine does not light how to solve.

Fiber laser marking machine using fiber laser output laser, and then by high-speed scanning galvanometer system to achieve the marking function. Fiber laser marking machine electro-optical conversion efficiency. Can carve metal materials and some non-metallic materials, mainly used in the depth, smoothness, fineness requirements of the field.

fiber laser marking machine 30w features-Suntop

Laser marking machine is not out of the light of the reasons:

1. The equipment itself is not a problem, the laser marking machine light path moved, adjust the light path can be.

2. power supply module is bad, or bad power supply, there are many reasons for this type of problem, the laser module is not adjusted, which may lead to no light, the board and the software is not debugged.

3. laser type selection is not right, the motherboard, terminal board, power supply or control line connection and cooling water circulation system failure caused.

Laser marking machine is not a simple way to deal with the light:

1. laser problem: to ensure that the laser power output is not a problem, the use of oscilloscopes to the laser signal so that the laser out of the light, if there is no light out of the laser that there are problems.

2. galvanometer problem: galvanometer swing position error, or galvanometer is not energized (with a meter to measure the switching power supply is normal), and may be broken galvanometer, in this case, please do not have been out of the light.

3. marking card problem: measure the output laser terminal signal of the marking card, there is no voltage change, if not, the marking card is bad.

4. caused by improper operation: if there is a chiller device, if there is no chiller, the laser will not be able to open, or laser control at the connector switch, etc. was pulled out, seriously and patiently check before.

Fiber laser marking machine does not light how to solve samples-Suntop

The above is Suntop summed up the fiber laser marking machine does not light a few points of treatment, I hope to help you! If you want to know more please contact us.

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