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Fiber Laser Marking Aluminum

Fiber laser marking aluminum technology, as an efficient and accurate metal marking technology, is favored and applied by more and more enterprises. Especially suitable for marking and engraving of aluminum materials, its advantage lies in the marking speed, high precision, beautiful effect, is widely used in industrial manufacturing, electronic products, aerospace and other fields.
Product Model: ST-FL20PF/ST-FL30PF/ST-FL50PF
Laser power: 20W/30W/50W
Working area:70*70mm/110*110mm/150*150mm

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fiber laser marking aluminum features-Suntop

Features of fiber laser marking aluminum

1. The fully enclosed design includes European CE standard laser protection glass for enhanced safety during laser processing operations.

2. The CNC full cabinet small laser marking machine features electric lifting focus adjustment and an emergency stop button for added convenience.

3. It is equipped with an exhaust and dust removal system to maintain a clean working environment and extend the lifespan of optical components.

4. The built-in dual red light aids in locating the laser focus with greater ease and accuracy.

5. With stable operation and the use of a top imported fiber laser, this machine offers reliable performance with core components lasting up to 100,000 hours.

6. This machine offers a low cost, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, cold air cooling, and excellent output beam quality.

Details of fiber laser marking aluminum

1. Laser

The core component is the laser, which is responsible for generating a high-power, highly stable laser beam, enabling the laser beam to perform marking operations at higher speeds and with greater precision.

2. Galvanometer system

Responsible for controlling the trajectory and direction of the laser beam. By precisely controlling the movement of the galvanometer system, rapid and precise marking of the laser beam on the material surface can be realized.

3. Field lens

Used to diffuse the laser beam and form a certain spot size to adapt to different sizes of the marking area. By adjusting the focal length and angle of the field mirror, precise control of the spot size can be realized, enabling efficient and high-quality marking effects.

4. Red light indicator

It is used to indicate the position of the laser beam, which overlaps with the laser beam through the closing mirror to provide light path indication. During the marking process, the red light indicator can help the operator quickly locate the marking position and improve marking efficiency.

5. Enclosed safety cover

Humanized design with a closed safety cover and flexible adjustment of lifting speed.

fiber laser marking aluminum details-Suntop

Advantages of fiber laser marking aluminum

● High precision

Fiber laser marking aluminum has extremely high precision and can achieve micron-level marking accuracy. It is suitable for fine marking and engraving of products to ensure product quality and appearance.

● High efficiency

Compared with traditional marking methods, fiber laser marking aluminum has higher processing efficiency. The laser beam can move quickly and mark accurately, improving production efficiency and saving time and costs.

● Environmentally friendly

Fiber laser marking aluminum is a non-contact processing technology that does not require the use of chemicals or inks, and does not require direct contact with the product surface, reducing environmental pollution and complying with modern environmental protection requirements.

● Wide range of applications

Fiber laser marking aluminum is widely used in electronics, automotive, aerospace and other industries. It can be used to mark product serial numbers, production dates, trademarks and other information to enhance product identification and added value.

●Easy to operate

Fiber laser marking aluminum equipment is simple to operate. You only need to control the movement of the laser beam and parameter settings through a computer to achieve precise marking. Operators can get started without complex training.

● Cost savings

Fiber laser marking aluminum has the characteristics of long life and low maintenance cost. It can operate stably for a long time after a one-time investment, saving production costs and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Application materials of fiber laser marking aluminum

Suitable for working with most metal marking applications such as gold, silver, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, steel, Iron titanium etc, and can also mark on many nonmetal materials,such as ABS, Nylon, PES, PVC etc.

Application industry of fiber laser marking aluminum

Widely used in electronics industry, automobile industry, tools and measuring tools, aerospace, instrumentation, packaging industry, medical products, household appliances, keyboards, panels, advertising signs, certificate cards, daily necessities, jewelry and diamonds and other fields.

Parameters of fiber laser marking aluminum





Laser   power




Depth   of single marking




Same   pattern marking efficiency




Whole   machine power




Marking   area


Laser   wavelength


Laser   source

MAX   Brand (Raycus can be choose)

Control   software


Cooling   mode

Air Cooling

Working   accuracy


Marking   speed


Repetition   frequency


Minimum   font for marking


Graphic   format supported


Working   voltage

220V±10%,   50/60Hz

Applicable   material

All   metal (Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Brass, etc.) and some plastic (ABS,   PVC,PES, ETC.)

Net   weight/gross weight (KG)

75KG   / 85KG

Machine   dimension

750*530*910mm   (L*W*H)

fiber laser marking aluminum samples-Suntop





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