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Collimating Lens for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Collimator lenses are widely used in fiber laser cutting machines/cutting heads. We provide collimating lenses of different specifications for common laser cutting heads, and supply special collimating lenses for Precitec, WSX, Raytools, Ospri and other brand cutting heads.

The collimator is located at the head of the optical fiber, and its function is to convert the divergent beam transmitted from the optical fiber into a parallel beam. This is to improve the focusing performance and cutting quality of the laser.

Product features

● Laser collimating lenses typically have two surfaces that are curved into a convex shape. It converts divergent beams into parallel beams.

● The main function of a collimating lens is to make laser beams parallel to each other over a considerable distance.

Product advantages

1. Good consistency.

2. High laser transmittance, low reflectivity, and high resistance to laser damage.

3. Good collimation effect, less than 1/10 wavelength.

4. The film layer has good density and long service life.

5. High compatibility with original equipment manufacturers.


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