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Application of laser marking machine in the automotive industry

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As a high-priced product with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, people are often very cautious when buying. Exterior, interior and car quality are the main factors in buying. Many manufacturers are constantly upgrading research and development, pursuing fashionable appearance and good quality. In addition, laser marking machines can be seen everywhere in the automobile production process, which can be used for laser engraving of frame number, automobile dashboard marking, automobile light-transmitting button marking, center console texture laser engraving, etc., to increase the added value of automobiles.

Fiber laser marking machines-Suntop

Laser marking, marking two-dimensional codes, barcodes, clearing codes, production dates, serial numbers, Logos, patterns, certification marks, warning signs and other information processes. Ideal for creating traceability and tamper-proof marking of motor components or vehicles. Every vehicle has hundreds of parts, and almost all materials can be marked with lasers. Some well-established auto parts marking applications are: transmission parts marking, nameplates and signs on vehicle glass, security codes.

Compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process, the laser marking machine has the advantages of clear marking, fast marking speed, high efficiency, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and low cost. At the same time, it has the advantages of high precision, low deformation, low thermal efficiency, high marking speed and high marking quality, which guarantees unconditional restrictions on low-cost operation and high feasibility. Through laser marking, auto parts can reduce the number of parts, reduce costs, improve dimensional accuracy, no need for heat treatment, strong flexibility, and fast speed.

The laser marking machine produced by Suntop laser is very suitable for the traceability and tamper-proof marking of vehicles and auto parts. The marking is uniform and durable, and it is widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. If you are interested in our laser marking machine or want to know more, please contact us.

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