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Application of laser marking machine in plastic industry

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As we all know, plastics are currently widely used in various industries, including industry, agriculture, communications, packaging, home furnishing and other industries. Plastic products are within reach of society and daily life. With the continuous improvement of plastic products, the marking method of its materials is also updated, from the traditional ink coding to the advanced plastic laser marking machine.

The importance of plastic in our daily life and the widespread use of plastic affect our daily life. In order to enhance the brand influence of their products, manufacturers also want to promote brand promotion and user experience. To facilitate the use of downstream products, it is necessary to clearly and beautifully mark the production date, logo, patent number, company name, parameters, instruction name, serial number and other information on the plastic product.

Laser marking plastic features-Suntop

Applications in the plastics industry

Food and drink

In order to make the products more beautiful, and to effectively prevent counterfeiting and manage the products, various food and beverages are gradually using advanced plastic laser marking machines.

Electronic appliances

In the electrical and electronic industry, plastic laser marking machines are mainly used for marking information and patterns on the surface of plastic products such as mobile phone adapters, earphones, shells, mice, light-transmitting keyboards, and various electronic devices.


Today's various LED lamps, their lamp holders, lampshades, and switch lamp lighting components all use lasers to mark information.

The production and processing method of laser marking is very flexible. Computer software is used to control, and patterns, characters, etc. can also be customized. In addition, laser marking can also be integrated into the production line, which can work continuously for 24 hours, effectively improving work efficiency and reducing production. cost. Integrating the advantages of laser marking machines, more and more manufacturers are more inclined to laser marking in the production and processing of plastic marking.

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