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Application of Laser Descaling in Steel Structure Industry

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Steel structure is an important technology in the field of modern construction, but after long-term use, rust and corrosion problems often appear on the surface of steel structure, affecting its service life and structural stability. Traditional rust removal methods often require a lot of labor, time and consumables, and the effect is hardly thorough. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, laser rust removal technology is gradually applied in the field of steel structure maintenance, which has brought revolutionary changes to the steel structure industry.

Application of laser descaling in steel structure industry samples

Laser rust removal technology utilizes powerful laser energy to evaporate or oxidize the rust layer on the surface of steel structure, so as to remove the rust completely. Compared with the traditional chemical rust removal or mechanical erasure methods, laser rust removal has the following characteristics:

● High efficiency and rapidity: the laser can precisely target and focus on the rusted part, rapidly vaporize or oxidize the rust layer, with high processing efficiency, saving time and labor cost.

● Non-destructive descaling: the laser can only act on the corroded surface without causing damage to the steel structure, ensuring the integrity and service life of the steel.

● Environmental protection and energy saving: the laser descaling process does not require the use of chemical solvents, does not produce secondary pollution, and reduces the impact on the environment.

Application of laser descaling in steel structure industry samples-Suntop

As a new type of rust removal equipment, the laser cleaning machine has many advantages in the application of steel structure:

● Improve work efficiency: the laser descaling machine adopts automatic operation, which can analyze and scan the whole surface of the steel structure, remove the rust layer quickly and greatly improve the efficiency of descaling.

● Reduce labor intensity: traditional manual or mechanical descaling requires workers to operate for a long time, while the laser descaling machine can be executed automatically, which reduces manual labor and lowers the labor intensity of workers.

● Precise descaling: The laser descaling machine can adjust the parameters to descaling accurately according to different steel structures and corrosion conditions, avoiding the problem of excessive descaling or damage to steel structures.

● Cost saving: Laser descaling does not require the use of chemicals or consumables, which reduces the cost of use, and also reduces the cost of disposal of waste and secondary pollution.

Laser descaling machine is widely used in various steel structure maintenance fields, including:

● Building steel structure: surface rust repair of stairs, platforms, bridges and other building components.

● Ship hulls: descaling and repairing of ship hull steel plates to improve the operational efficiency and navigational safety of ships.

● Pressure vessels: surface rust treatment of pressure vessels used in petroleum, chemical and other industrial fields.

● Other fields: such as steel rails, automobile bodies, etc.

Application of laser descaling in steel structure industry sample-Suntop

As an advanced steel structure repair technology, laser cleaner brings revolutionary solutions to the steel structure industry with its high efficiency, fast and non-destructive rust removal. With the further development of laser technology, the prospect of laser cleaning machine in the field of steel structure application will become broader and broader, providing the industry with more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

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