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Application of Laser Cleaning in Metal Welding

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Application of laser cleaning in metal welding sample

In the face of pre-welding treatment, the traditional way is to use grinding or potion treatment, these ways more or less on the substrate to produce damage or bring some environmental pollution. The laser cleaner, as a non-contact and environmentally friendly cleaning method, either manual or automatic, offers a solution to the stringent requirements needed for the welding of today's metal parts. The laser system removes oxides and contaminants that cause a reduction in adhesion strength.

Application of laser cleaning in metal welding-Suntop

The application of laser cleaners on metal welding surfaces offers competitive advantages not found in conventional cleaning methods, flexibility and versatility, such as optimized surface conditions for welding, removal of oxides, improved corrosion resistance of light metals, stable substrate fusion line interfaces, no need for media, no chemicals, absolutely dry, clean and environmentally friendly operation, immediate on-line use prior to the welding step, process monitoring through visual sensing technology, for Formulation of laser heads for special geometries, extended constructive treatment of surfaces.

Application of laser cleaning in metal welding samples

Laser cleaning advantages:

1. non-contact cleaning: laser cleaning technology and the material surface without contact, applicability of a wide range of components can be used to clean a variety of shapes can solve the mechanical cleaning is difficult to cope with the problem of complex surface processing.

2. does not hurt the substrate: laser cleaning technology on the surface of the pollutants after cleaning, no damage to the substrate or product, can solve the mechanical polishing easy to cause damage to the surface of the workpiece.

3. High efficiency and environmental protection: laser cleaning technology is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, compared to chemical cleaning damage to the substrate, the size of the component is limited, long time inefficiency, chemical reagents on the human body and the environment harmful to the problem, can be effectively resolved.

Application of laser cleaning in metal welding samples-Suntop

The laser beam of the laser cleaning machine can be finely adjusted, especially suitable for metal materials such as iron and steel materials, the surface for precision modification to form a fine structure. The laser intensity can also be adjusted to accommodate adhesives of various tack strengths. A clean surface is obtained with very high corrosion resistance, suitable for many applications requiring stable and long bonding times.

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