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Application of handheld laser welding in stainless steel industry

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Stainless steel often appears in our lives, ranging from balcony guardrails to small stainless steel ornaments. The traditional welding methods for stainless steel products are argon arc welding machine, resistance welding machine, etc., but they all have many shortcomings, such as crack heat hazards. The handheld laser welding machine is a substitute for the traditional production process of stainless steel products. Because of its compact size, zero-based working method, low-cost work efficiency, and improved weld aesthetics and welding efficiency, it has won the favor of many stainless steel product companies.

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Welding advantages of hand-held laser welding machine in stainless steel industry

1. The operation is flexible and simple, and it can satisfy multi-angle and multi-position welding.

2. Laser welding has deep depth, firm weld seam, small width, small heat-affected zone, small deformation, and fast welding speed. Complicated welding between some dissimilar materials can be achieved.

3. The welding position is more accurate, the weld seam is smooth and beautiful, easy to grind and polish, no post-welding treatment or only simple treatment process is required.

4. The weld seam has high quality and no porosity, which can reduce and optimize the impurities in the base metal, and can refine the structure after welding. The strength of the weld is at least equal to or even higher than that of the base metal.

Main application of handheld laser welding machine

① Stairs and elevators

In the production process of elevators and stairs, especially some details need to be welded with a hand-held laser welding machine, which is easy to operate, ensures that every corner can be welded in place, and ensures the aesthetics of stairs and elevators. Applications in stair lifts are also common and highly rated.

② Door and window guardrail

In the process of modern home decoration, more and more stainless steel materials are used, including some stainless steel doors, windows and guardrails, and stainless steel doors, windows and guardrails also need to be welded with welding equipment during construction. The well-received handheld laser welding machine is just such a function, which ensures that the display of doors, windows and guardrails will not be affected after welding.

Handheld laser welding equipment is mainly used in kitchen cabinets, kitchens, stairs, elevators, doors and windows, etc. In addition, the handheld laser welding machine has high cost performance, fast welding speed, simple welding process and convenient operation, which ensures a more beautiful welding effect.

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