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Advantages of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

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Pipe laser cutting machine is also called fiber laser pipe cutting machine, different from small laser cutting machine, pipe laser cutting machine is specially used to cut some metal pipes with certain thickness.

laser tube cutter features-Suntop

Laser tube cutting machine for tube cutting has a unique advantage, can be a variety of metal tubes for multi-directional, multi-angle, any graphic precision and high efficiency cutting, the great advantages in tube cutting, attracted the attention of many metal tube cutters.

Fiber laser tube cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency

Adopting the most advanced fiber laser, it has the characteristics of high energy density and high stability. During the cutting process, the laser beam can quickly penetrate the pipe wall and cut the pipe into the desired shape, and the speed is very fast, much faster than the traditional cutting method. In addition, it is equipped with an advanced automatic feeding system, which can realize continuous cutting, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Advantages of laser pipe cutting machine-Suntop

2. High precision

The adoption of a high-precision transmission system and a precise optical circuit system can ensure that the surface of the cut pipe is very smooth and highly accurate. It is able to maintain a certain degree of accuracy even when cutting tubes of complex shapes. This high-precision cutting effect can meet the requirements in various industrial applications and reduce the time and cost of follow-up processing.

3. Highly adaptable

The laser pipe cutter has very good adaptability and can be applied to the cutting of steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloy pipes and other materials. Moreover, when cutting tubes, it will not produce defects such as burrs, cracks and deformations, which can ensure that the cut tubes are of excellent quality and meet the processing requirements of various materials.

Advantages of laser pipe cutting machine sample-Suntop

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

It can greatly reduce energy consumption, avoid the pollution that may be produced by traditional cutting equipment, and improve the comfort and safety of the production environment.

5. Simple operation

Simple and convenient, only need to put the tube to be cut on the cutting table, set the cutting parameters, press the start button, the cutting can be carried out automatically.

Laser pipe cutting machine application pipe range: round pipe, oval pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, shaped pipe and many other types of pipe cutting.

Widely used industries: fitness equipment, petroleum pipeline, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, photovoltaic bracket, rail transportation, automobile manufacturing, household appliances, rail transportation, construction and decoration, and other kinds of pipe processing industry.

Advantages of laser pipe cutting machine samples-Suntop

Laser tube cutting machine is a kind of efficient and precise tube cutting equipment, with the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, adaptability, energy saving and environmental protection, as well as simple operation. It is believed that in the future industrial manufacturing, it will be more and more widely used.

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