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Laser Metal Tubes Cutting Machine

Laser Metal Tubes Cutting Machine uses high-energy laser beam to cut metal pipes. By controlling the focus position and intensity of the laser beam, it can achieve precise cutting of metal pipes. Its high precision, fast speed and low loss make it excellent in metal pipe processing.
Product Model: ST-FCT3000/ST-FCT6000
Laser power: 1500W-20KW
Tubes length: 3 meters or 6 meters (optional)

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laser tube cutting machine features-Suntop

Machine features of metal tubes fiber laser cutting machine

※, low cost and power consumption is about 0.5-1.5KW/H, it can cut all kinds of metals by blowing compressed air;

※, High-peformance, imported the original packaged fiber laser, with stable performance and the lifespan up to 100,000 hours, laser no need maintenance.

※, High speed and efficiency, the speed of cutting metal tubes up to 10M/Min.

※,  Perfect laser cutting edges and the appearance is smooth and beautiful, It can cut the square tubes, round tubes,rectangular tubes etc.

※,  Pneumatic chuck structure, automatic clamping and automatic loacting center, aoto push materials and rotation and so on.

Laser tube cutting machine pneumatic chuck-Suntop

※, Chuck diameter size and fixtures can be customized according to the specific specification of the tubes from cutomer;

※, Dedicated software and wireless remote control which enables graphic or text to be instantly designed or processed, flexible and easy.

Tube fiber laser cutting machine the application industrial

It's widely be used in different kinds of metals tubes laser cuttng processing, die-laser cutting, electronic applicance, aviation, mechanical, elevator, cars, steamer, cutting tool, subway accessories, petroleum machinery, food machinery, craft gits, tools processing, decoration, lamp-post, steel furniture, decoration, advertisement, metal external processing and other metal pipe/tube related industries.

Tube fiber laser cutting machine the application materials

Suitable for cutting the stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, pickle steel, aluminium-plating Zinc tubes, metallic copper, brass and other rare metal tubes.

Laser metal tubes cutting machine main technical parameters



Laser power


Laser wavelength


Repeat positioning accuracy


Tubes cutting capacity

Square tubes: 20-220mm (can be customized)
  Round tubes: 20-220mm (can be customized)

Tubes length

3 meters or 6 meters (optional)

Chuck type

Manual chuck type or pneumatic self-centering chuck   (optional)

Power consumption

6KW (based on laser power 1KW)

Voltage and frequency

Three phase 380V/50Hz or 60Hz

Machine weight


Machine dimension

12000*1650*2280mm (L*W*H)

Laser tube cutting machine samples-Suntop




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