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Advantages of handheld laser cleaning machine in rust removal application

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The laser cleaning machine does not require chemical preparations and mechanical polishing, has no pollution to the environment, and is not easy to cause damage to the workpiece. Laser derusting is fast and safe, and can be used for antirust treatment of various metal materials. The work efficiency is high, the degree of automation is high, the process technology is simple, and there is no need to completely solve the work in the later stage, which further improves the work efficiency, reduces the work intensity of employees, and completely solves the cost.

Laser cleaning machine features-Suntop

Advantages of handheld laser cleaning machine in antirust treatment

1. Convenient, fast, lightweight, easy to use.

2. It can be applied to long-time operation.

3. Flexibility and high efficiency are applied to various industrial production and processing scenarios.

4. Partial anti-rust treatment can be used to clean up dead corners.

5. The position and size can be specified for cleaning.

Ordinary rust removal is usually to put the workpiece in a fixed position of the machine for anti-rust treatment. The anti-rust treatment process is limited, and there are usually dead corners that cannot be anti-rust. However, our hand-held laser cleaning machine is flexible and hand-held. The advanced laser derusting head can carry out antirust treatment on the workpiece from any angle. Ordinary rust removal can only be used to prevent rust on small workpieces, and the parts that exceed the working range cannot be treated with rust. Our handheld laser rust removal equipment can also carry out anti-rust treatment on equipment that is inconvenient to move. At the same time The width of the cleaning range can reach 300mm, which can meet the needs of large-scale cleaning.

The above are the advantages of the application of the handheld laser cleaning machine in antirust treatment. The handheld laser derusting machine outputs the laser from the laser head, and the operator holds the laser head to carry out antirust treatment on the workpiece. During the anti-rust treatment of the equipment, the flexible front end is conducive to the operation of the operator, and the anti-rust treatment is carried out on the workpiece and various parts of the equipment, and some parts that are not easy to clean can also be effectively and completely solved.

At present, laser cleaning technology has become more and more mature and has gradually replaced traditional cleaning methods. The machine has low cost of use, no consumables, fast cleaning speed and high efficiency, which greatly reduces the cost of enterprises. If you are interested in our handheld laser cleaning machine or want to know more information, welcome to contact us.

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