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How much do you know about UV laser marking?

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Laser processing is based on the physical interaction between the high-energy laser and the material, through the material vaporization, ablation and modification to achieve the material marking, drilling, cutting, etching, scribing, surface microprocessing and other processing effects. As one of the types of laser processing, laser marking has now rapidly entered various industries, play the role of light and heat, dedicated to improving efficiency, enhance the texture, empowering quality and efficiency.

What is laser marking?

Laser marking, refers to the use of high energy density laser beam irradiation on the local surface of the object, light energy is instantly converted into heat, so that the surface material of the object to rapidly produce vaporization and evaporation or color change, so as to carve out the surface of the object any desired text, graphics and images, such as marking, and is permanent, not easy to wear and tear, do not fade or fall off over time.

Types of laser marking machine

Laser marking machine in industrial laser processing is more and more widely used, in order to meet the market demand for marking of different nature of materials, there are different categories of laser marking machine models. For example, according to the different light source can be divided into fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, etc. Suntop laser's 355nm ultraviolet nanosecond solid-state lasers are currently one of the commonly used industrial ultraviolet laser category, and 355nm ultraviolet light is considered to be a cold source of light, using 355nm ultraviolet nanosecond lasers to carry out the processing of the process is called The process of processing with a 355nm UV nanosecond laser is called "cold" processing.

UV laser marking machines-Suntop

What is "cold" processing with UV light?

Ultraviolet laser refers to its output beam is located in the ultraviolet spectrum and invisible to the naked eye. 355nm ultraviolet light has a high single photon energy, can break the molecular bonding of some materials, to make the material non-thermal process of destruction, the processed surface of the inner layer and the nearby areas do not produce heating or thermal deformation and other effects, and will not cause scorching, charring, black edges, deformation of the workpiece, so that no "thermal damage". It will not cause burning, black edge or deformation to the workpiece, thus it will not produce "thermal damage" and achieve "cold peeling", so it is regarded as "cold" processing.

What are the benefits of UV "cold" processing?

355nm UV laser is particularly suitable for hard and brittle thin glass, quartz, silicon, ceramics and other materials, as well as heat-sensitive paper, polymers, carbon fibers, thin film materials marking applications, so whether it is a metal, synthetic materials or other materials, 355nm UV lasers can be capable of.

At the same time, 355nm UV light is easy to focus, focusing spot is very small, up to the micron scale, can bring very narrow marking line width, can mark tiny marks, high contrast, good clarity, anti-counterfeiting and traceability has an important role.

plastic laser marking samples-Suntop

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