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What Does A Laser Marking Machine Do?

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Laser Marking is a high-precision and high-efficiency marking technology widely used in electronics, automotive, medical and other industries. The surface of the workpiece is permanently marked by a laser beam to realize the functions of marking, tracing and beautifying.

1. What is Laser Marking?

2. How Laser Marking Works

3. How to Use Laser Marking Machine?

4. Benefits of Using Laser Marking Machine

5. How to laser marking machine purchase?

What is Laser Marking?

Laser Marking is the process of indelibly marking the surface of various substances with a laser beam. This is done either by evaporation of the surface material to reveal the deeper material, or by light energy that causes chemical and physical changes in the surface material to "carve" a mark that reveals the desired etched text, graphics, and so on.

What does a laser marking machine do-Suntop

How Laser Marking Works

Laser Marking works by using a focused beam of light to mark the surface of a material. As the beam interacts with the surface of the material, it changes the properties and appearance of the material. This focused beam targets only a specified area, allowing the laser marker to create precise, high-quality, high-contrast marks that can be easily read or scanned on virtually any surface. This feature makes laser marking ideal for applications where precision and durability are critical to success.

Fiber Laser Marking: Fiber Laser Marking is a laser with rare earth element doped glass fiber as the gain medium, the use of fiber laser to produce laser marking machine, beam quality is good, its output center is 1064nm, the entire life of the machine is about 100,000 hours, compared to other types of laser marking machine life longer, electro-optical conversion efficiency of 28% or more, compared to other types of laser marking machine 2% -10% conversion efficiency advantages, in energy saving and environmental protection and other aspects of outstanding performance.

Can be a variety of metals, as well as some non-metallic materials for processing. Especially for high hardness, high melting point, brittle materials for marking more advantageous.

What does a laser marking machine do sample-Suntop

CO2 Laser Marking: CO2 Laser Marking adopts infrared wavelength, 10.64um gas laser, the CO2 gas will be charged into the high-pressure discharge tube to produce glow discharge, so that the gas molecules release laser light, the laser energy amplification will be formed on the material processing of laser beams, laser beams make the surface of the processed body gasification to achieve the purpose of engraving.

The laser beam vaporizes the surface of the body to be processed for the purpose of engraving. It can be used to process many kinds of non-metallic materials, such as bamboo products, wood, paper, ABS PVC epoxy resin, acrylic, leather, glass, architectural ceramics, rubber and so on.

What does a laser marking machine do marking-Suntop

UV Laser Marking: UV Laser Marking using 355nm ultraviolet laser research and development, the machine adopts the third-order cavity frequency doubling technology with infrared laser comparison, 355 ultraviolet light focusing spot is extremely small, can reduce the mechanical deformation of the material to a large extent and processing thermal impact of the small, because the main ultra-fine marking for marking, engraving, especially suitable for food, Medical packaging materials marking, playing microporous, high-speed division of glass materials and silicon wafers for complex graphic cutting and other application areas.

What does a laser marking machine do samples

How to Use Laser Marking Machine?

To create long-lasting marks, Laser Marking Systems produce a focused beam of light containing high energy. When the laser beam strikes a surface, the energy is transferred in the form of heat, creating black, white, and sometimes colored marks.

There are several types of Laser Marking, each operating in a slightly different way. The correct process for using Laser Marking also depends on the material you are working with and the application you are using. Suntop laser offers a range of resources, from operating videos to detailed documentation, to help you operate the machine and resolve any issues.

It is important to follow all safety guidelines when using any Laser Marking Machine. Wear laser protective eyewear properly.

Suntop Laser Marking uses laser protective eyewear with CE, OD6+ protection, the highest level of protection available.

Benefits of Using Laser Marking Machine

● Fastest Marking Speed

Laser Marking is the fastest direct marking technology and has become a popular choice when short cycle times must be met. Due to the high quality of our hardware and software components, Suntop laser is proud to benchmark the fastest lasers on the market.

● High Contrast Marking

Laser Marking is a precise process that provides consistent results. You'll get near-perfect readability, ensuring that the number of non-conforming parts is kept to a minimum.

● Consumption-Free Green Technology

Laser Marking makes manufacturing more sustainable by replacing polluting technologies that rely heavily on consumables. Fiber laser technology is also known for its photoelectric conversion efficiency, which can further reduce costs.

● Non-Contact, Low Maintenance

Laser Marking is a non-contact process, so there is no mechanical wear and tear between the marking system and the marked workpiece. This helps you to maintain your machine by simply removing the dust that accumulates on the lens.

● Complete solutions

Suntop laser offers solutions that include everything you need to implement laser marking in your production line. We offer manual and automated solutions with 100% laser safety, dust and fume management, barcode verification, remote support and more.

How to laser marking machine purchase?

When choosing Laser Marking Machine, you need to consider the type of material, marking accuracy, marking speed and other factors to choose the equipment that suits your needs. At the same time, pay attention to the stability of the equipment and after-sales service.

Buying a Laser Marking Machine is an addition to your toolbox, not just a basic marking system. Laser Marking Machines are effective on a wide range of materials, sizes, industries and processing methods.

As technology continues to advance, laser marking technology will be used in more fields, such as 3D printing and biomedicine, to support industrial upgrades and innovation.

Laser Marking Machine, as an efficient and high-precision marking equipment, has become an indispensable tool in modern manufacturing industry. Understanding the importance of laser marking technology can help improve production efficiency and product quality.

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