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Tube Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Guardrail Applications

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laser tube cutting features-Suntop

There are many types of guardrail, the material is mainly based on stainless steel and other metal composite tube. Stainless steel corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, beautiful, sturdy features in both indoor and outdoor are commonly used. The most used outdoor is highway, street, municipal, landscape, green belt and other areas, while the indoor mostly used for family balcony, stairs, schools, hotels, entertainment venues and so on.

Guardrail consists of many square or round tubes. The pipe laser cutting machine can efficiently realize the cutting and punching of stainless steel and other metal pipes. On the one hand, it improves the efficiency and capacity of processing, and on the other hand, it lays the foundation for the production of high-quality guardrail. The use of tube cutting machines for processing greatly improves the quality of processing.

Tube laser cutting stainless steel guardrail applications samples-Suntop

In addition to the above two main advantages, the pipe laser cutting machine has the following characteristics:

Convenient: not subject to the constraints of the shape, only through the software programming, the shape that needs to be cut by the worker will be input, and then accurate cutting can be realized. Convenient and intelligent operation.

Flexible: to provide customers with rapid personalized processing needs, the shape can be carefully changed at any time through the software, the change will not affect the production process of the product.

Precision: Pipe laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing, the cutting process generally does not appear material deformation.

Tube laser cutting stainless steel guardrail applications samples

Suntop Laser's new generation of professional tube cutter can cut metal tubes without shape constraints, realizing high-quality and high-efficiency cutting.

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