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Laser Scanner Head

Laser scanning galvanometer, also called marking head, is an important component of laser marking machine.

Laser marking head principle

The vibrating mirror scanning marking head is mainly composed of XY scanning mirror, field mirror, vibrating mirror and computer-controlled marking software. According to the different wavelengths of the laser choose the appropriate optical components. Related options also include laser beam expanders, lasers and so on. The working principle is the laser beam is incident to the two mirrors (scanning mirror), the reflection angle of the computer-controlled mirrors, these two mirrors can be scanned along the X and Y axes, so as to achieve the deflection of the laser beam, so that a certain power density of the laser focusing point in the marking of the material according to the desired requirements of the movement, so as to leave a permanent mark on the surface of the material, the focused light spot can be circular or rectangular. In the galvanometer scanning system, vector graphics and text can be used.

This method adopts the processing of graphics by the graphics software in the computer, which has the characteristics of high graphic efficiency, good graphic accuracy, no distortion, etc., and greatly improves the quality and speed of laser marking. At the same time vibrating mirror type marking can also be used in dot matrix marking method, using this method for online marking is very suitable, according to different speeds of the production line can be used in a scanning vibrating mirror or two scanning vibrating mirror, compared with the array type marking described earlier.

Compared with the array marking mentioned above, more dot matrix information can be marked, which has a greater advantage for marking Chinese characters. Scanning galvanometer marking because of its wide range of applications, vector marking and dot-matrix marking, adjustable marking range, and has a fast response speed, high marking speed (can mark hundreds of characters per second), marking quality is higher, the optical path sealing performance is good, strong adaptability to the environment, etc. has become a mainstream product, and is considered to represent the future direction of development of the laser marking, has a broad application prospects.

Main feature

· Cost-effective high speed galvo scanner.

· High Speed Scanning, Precise Positioning and Stable Performance.

· Zero Drift Small Size and Strong Anti-interference.

· Extensive application: Laser deflection and two-dimensional localization, etc.

Product specifications

Marking Speed


Positioning Speed


Setting Time



10.6um / 1064nm / 355nm



Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Long-term Drift (8 hours)

< 0.5mRad

Gain Error

< 8mRad

Input Impedance

10KΩ ± 1% (Position Signal)

Input Scaling Factor

0.33V / ° (Position Signal)

Operating Temperature

0 ℃ - 45 ℃

Storage Temperature

-10 ℃ -+ 60 ℃

Laser Input Aperture


Zero Drift


Tracking Error


Proportional Drift


Input Voltage

± 15VDC

Average Working Current


Signal Interface Digital


Peak Current


Operating Temperature

0 ℃-45 ℃

X, Y Lens Center Distance


Maximum Scanning Angle

± 15 °

Galvanometer Size(L*W*H)

100 × 95 × 120mm


2.5 KG


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