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Laser Paint Removal Tool

Suntop backpack laser cleaning and rust removal machine is an efficient, portable and intelligent metal surface cleaning and rust removal equipment. Its working principle is to use the energy density and short pulse time of the laser beam to damage the oxide layer and rust layer on the metal surface. The instantaneous high temperature and high pressure of the laser evaporates and explodes instantly, returning the gold surface to its original state. It can quickly and thoroughly clean and remove rust from various metal surfaces.
Product Model: ST-FLC100P
Laser power: 100W

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laser paint removal tool features-Suntop

Features of laser paint removal tool

1. The whole machine weighs only 10kg, the size of A4 paper, extremely portable.

1. Handheld, carried on the shoulder, or fixed to a workstation, it is as compact as possible to ensure full functionality.

3. The innovative design of the safety indicator and chassis grip as a single unit ensures high quality safety measures while making it easier to use.

4. The safety indicator and the handle of the chassis are innovatively designed as a single unit, which ensures high quality safety measures and makes it more convenient to use.

5. External power battery can be connected, so customers can use it freely in places without power supply equipment.

6. Suitable for working scenes such as urban graffiti cleaning, welding channel cleaning, working at high altitude or finishing workshops where electricity cannot be connected.

Details of laser paint removal tool

1. Multiple core functions

The handle and the work light are combined into one, one-button deformation, warning the working status and saving space

2. Self-developed mini case

The handle of the case is made of aluminum alloy material, which is good in texture, light and durable, and the arc design makes it easier to carry it. The mini case is only as big as a toolbox, light and convenient

3. Backpack unique and innovative design

The chassis is equipped with a strap buckle, which can be carried on the shoulder by hanging the strap, which frees your hands even if you carry it

4. Exclusive mini laser cleaning head

It is the size of a cigarette box and only weighs 700g. It is not tiring to hold it for a long time, and it can withstand 300W stably without getting hot.

5. Touch screen

Small and intelligent, easy to operate and more humane.

6. Air cooling

Large-displacement air outlet, strong heat dissipation and novel appearance.

laser paint removal tool details-Suntop

Advantages of laser paint removal tool

1. Portable: Designed in a backpack style, it can be cleaned and rusted anytime, anywhere, without worrying about the equipment being unable to move or transport.

2. Lightweight: Designed with lightweight materials, it weighs only 10 kilograms, making it easy to carry and operate.

3. Convenient: With a simple and easy-to-understand operating interface, users only need simple training to operate it.

4. Easy to operate: Using automated cleaning technology, it only requires simple setting of cleaning parameters to automatically clean and remove rust.

5. High efficiency: Using laser beams for cleaning and rust removal, the cleaning efficiency is very high, greatly improving the efficiency and quality of cleaning and rust removal.

6. Environmentally friendly: Using laser beams for cleaning and rust removal, there is no need to use chemical cleaning agents, and it does not produce any pollutants.

Mini laser cleaning head

laser paint removal tool head-Suntop

● The size of a cigarette box, it is not tiring to hold it for a long time, and it can withstand 300W stably without getting hot.

● Precise positioning and cleaning, weight only 700g, easy to hand it.

● Non-contact material when cleaning that can protect the material.

● Effectively remove micron-sized particles.

● Environment friendly, no consumables.

Compared to traditional cleaning


Laser cleaning

Chemical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning

Cleaning method

Non-contact (laser)

Contact (chemical cleaner)

Contact (mechanical)

Contact (cleaner)

Workpiece damage

No damage




Cleaning efficiency





cleaning effect

High cleanliness



High cleanliness (small range)

Cleaning accuracy

High precision (accurate and   controllable)

Poor accuracy (uncontrollable)

Average accuracy (uncontrollable)

Unable to specify range cleaning

Environmental friendly





Cost input

High initial investment (no   consumables, maintenance)

Low initial investment (very high   cost of consumables)

High initial investment (high   labor cost of consumables)

Low initial investment (moderate   cost of consumables)

Application materials

Suitable for removing resin, paint, oil stains, stains, dirt, rust, coatings, etc. from the surface of objects.

Application industry

Widely used in automobile manufacturing, mould, cultural relic restoration, aerospace, shipbuilding, 3C electronics, medical equipment, rail transit, steel manufacturing, military equipment, various steel, iron, aluminum materials and other industries.

Parameters of laser paint removal tool





Laser type

Nanosecond pulse   fiber

Maximum output   power (W)


Center wavelength   (nm)


Fiber beam   quality (㎡)


Power adjustment   range (%)


Output power   stability (%)


Laser pulse   frequency (kHz)


Pulse length (ns)


Maximum single   pulse energy (mJ)


Conductive fiber   length (M)


Laser Protection   Class


Cooling method

Air cooled

Machine size (MM)


Machine weight   (KG)


laser paint removal tool samples-Suntop




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